Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 8, 2012

Hey dad,
Thanks for the letter. Things aren't all bad. You and mom worry too much. We got our first baptismal date this week. We had 7 D.A's this week and we used to get 2 or 3. Our zone has gone from 0 to 7 baptism dates since the start of the transfer. So it isn't like things are just a total mess. But you are right. My time really is running out. I can't just wait for transfer day. I only have 6 transfer days left. I know you guys are thinking of me and praying for me so thank you. I have struggled far more than this before and I will be alright I am sure. 
So this has been a pretty crazy weekend. We got a call at like 5 yesterday from the Elders in Yeovil. They were talking about a fight and a station and calling president and we couldn't understand. We thought they were making a joke about how they got robbed or something. But we realized it wasn't a joke. These two Elder were out knocking in Yeovil and a guy came up to them and asked them for their money. They had none, Elder George refused to give him his backpack because his scriptures were in them, and it led to this big fight/chase. Elder George got beat up, his companion was just frozen, they got taken to the police station and interviewed for like 3 hours. We got the call and drove up to Yeovil which is an hour drive. Their bishop and ward mission leader were there. So we hung out at the police station for a while, did some missionary work with one of the officers who was working at the desk, and waited until like 1030 when they were released. They hadn't eaten since like 1230 so we took them to McDonalds and I got everyone some big macs and then Elder George went to the hospital to get his head checked out. It was just one unarmed guy, but the Elders didn't fight back at all and George got hit a few times. He was fine, but had to wait at the hospital until like 130. We stayed at there flat, and went back to the police station this morning. It was pretty crazy. They were really shaken up. Elder Ormsby was one of them and he has been out like 2 months and was really upset. So we took them back to Poole with us, we are going to spend p-day together and tomorrow morning President Millar is coming to do interviews with the zone so we will take them there with us. It was pretty scary. My first real crisis I have been involved with. They are both fine.
So because of that I don't have much time. It is already 1. And we are going with the zone to play laser tag. I have been remembering fondly the laser tag games we did the week before I left as a family. Fun times. And that christmas card idea is brilliant. I will try to get a suitable photo and send it next week. 
Love Elder Steed

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