Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 7, 2012

That sounds like quite the race. Congrats on your finishing time. Anything under 4 hours is pretty good.
I feel like there isn't really that much to mention from our week. Me and Perry have not got along at all this week. We sorted it out yesterday for the most part but the tension is still there. I'm just not sure I will ever like zone leaders even when I am one. Most of the problem is my companion is the senior zone leader and believes he should be in charge but I am a much more dominant personality. So it has been a struggle this week. We have good and bad patches. The other 2 in our flat aren't getting along either. The Russian guy got so angry at his companion calling him dude that he punched the door of his room. It dented the door, ripped open his knuckles, and left bloody streaks all over the door. Luckily for both our companionships there are other people around to talk to. We are able to put all that behind us when we go to work, and we are having success, but we will have so much more success if we increase our comp. unity. If there isn't unity in the companionship people we talk to don't feel the spirt as much. We had a zone p-day monday but only half the zone came. That was disapointing but we played bball and dodgeball. We also had our first zone training on wednesday. We got the AP's and a the 1st counsellor in the mission presidency to come and instruct us and it seemed to go quite well.
Sorry my email is short. I am trying to sort out my ipod and stuff as well.
Love Elder Steed

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