Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 6, 2012

You guys are always on holiday. I am wondering if you have started selling drugs or something on the side because Dad is always off doing something and working like 3 times a month. As soon as I leave it is like a monthly family holiday.
Those were awesome photos. Dad looks like he had a good race, the Dodgers game looked awesome, Alyssa didn't defile the temple grounds with immodesty, Jackson has longer hair with a swoop, all three kids are trying to dress really trendy, Noah is flippin huge, you seem to have different hair colors in different photos, and the one of Riley leaving was nice. He had a weird suit on though. I brought those 2 500 dollar suits with me, destroyed one of them, I am saving the other one, and I wear a 70 pound black suit everywhere. I'm going off on a tangent, but I had to buy new shoes. I need a new 8 gig memory card for my camera, and I need to do some dry cleaning. So the credit card will be used a bit. The good news is I don't have to buy much food. When I got here we were getting a few DA's a week. We now have a DA every night, and we have thursday, friday and saturday both lunch and dinner. I'm not the best missionary and I have a lot of weaknesses but getting people to feed me has been one of my stronger suits.
I'm really jealous about the outdoor musical you saw. But in my first area there is an outdoor theater just like that, carved out of the side of a cliff. So we can go to that one.
Conference was so good! We had 3 investigators come to the sunday morning session, and that was the greatest session ever. Hollands talk like knocked me out of my seat. We tried to download it but it isn't realeased yet. That is one of my favorite talks ever. All 3 investigators, Alice, Keith and Alice's daughter Michelle, were like 'we know this is true. Everything they are saying is true. This church has so much more power and strength then the CoE. I believe they are really apostles.' Stuff like that. I was just like 'ya they are, shut up I'm trying to listen to them.'
This week was alright for us. We found a new family to teach, got to know more of the ward, normal stuff like that. Probably the best was we went out to TGIF's with a LA couple in their 20's. The guy works there, so we got 50% off. And they had like 4 of their non member friends eat with us. Apparnetly as soon as we left they started asking all sorts of questions about what we are doing and what we believe. So that was cool. We are going back in a few weeks.
Hopefully you have a good week,
love Elder STeed

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