Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 14, 2012

Hey Mom, 
That was a good email to read. The pornography talk sounds like it was really good and hopefully all the kids can stay away from that. It destroys so many people. Good to hear about how the family is doing also. 
Haha women speakers at conference... that is my nap time. I do feel bad I missed so many conferences at home when I would just be asleep on the couch. 
I pretty much said the big news to dad. Don't worry about us here. Transfer day is in two weeks exactly. It is changed this transfer from Wednesday to Monday. We need to get going to our zone pday. 
Just a quick update on our only real solid investigators, Alice and Keith. Keith accepted a date for Nov. 10 that seems really solid. He has come to 3 weeks of church in a row and loves it and believes the BoM is true. He was really prepared. Alice thinks it is true and loves it, but she thinks that God will accept her whether or not she gets baptized and does not want to get baptized at all. She flips out when we talk about it. But we are making slow progress. She will get baptized, maybe a little bit after Keith though. She bought me a tie and gave it to me when we taught her on saturday. I had a really good exchange with a new missionary who has been out like 4 months in Bournemouth. It just reminded me that there are loads of good, normal missionaries out there. 
Love Elder Steed
p.s. Thank you for the care package! That is my favorite one I have ever got. Twizzlers, fuzzy peaches, sweet chili heat, photo albumbs, eat mores, that was perfect. I am eating some of my sweet chili heat right now and loving it. Also thanks for the missionary letters from Josh and Brinley and those guys. Crazy that Graham had to go home. 

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