Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 20, 2012

That was a long email. But it was good to hear so much about what you guys are up to.
So I told you guys a few weeks ago I was struggling... and I have been getting loads of stuff ever since! You sent me two packages, and a letter. And I got a package from some girl, so I have just had loads of stuff lately! Thanks so much for those they were really nice. We used those balloons and glow sticks and had a dance party in our flat last night. It was fun. I have attached photos. Also I am wearing my new BYU shirt. Elder White thought it was a sign from heaven and that I am meant to go to BYU. I assured him that this is not the case.
Elder White is seriously my best and maybe only real friend in this mission. My other two friends, Simmons and Palmer, have gone home long ago. I feel like everyone I know now is cool but not the same. So Elder White goes home in like 5 days. It's really sad but I'm sure I'll see him again sometime. He is an assistant, so we were able to do an exchange this week. I also have a photo of that attached.
No, so far the DA's have not led to teaches. But we are sort of switching focus and I am trying to work with the YSA more now. They should really have loads of friends that we can teach. We are still knocking and working with Less-actives but I think YSA is an under-utizlied resource. And we have like 10 of them in this ward. We went to a YSA fireside last night and gave a spiritual thought and chatted with them afterwards and it seemed to be a really positive thing.
The temple sounds awesome. I can't wait to see it. And I was blown away that 100000 people went through! That is a tenth of the population of Calgary! Hopefully you guys can find other people to work on and share the gospel with. And thanks for all those letters from Riley's friends. It is great to hear about their stories. Brinley is an office elder. Haha, maybe it is different there but in this mission everyone always is making fun of office elders.
Christmas package... last year I wanted loads of stuff. This year I think I have a different mindset. I could use a new shirt. I really like the Enro short sleeve shirts that I think come from missionary mall. One of those would be good. Actually 2 of those would be nice. Maybe don't get me very much for Christmas, and instead I will have Christmas next June. The month before I leave I want to go on a huge shopping spree. The clothes here are so much better. I want to buy a really posh english suit and some other stuff, jeans and shirts and whatever. CLothes here are cheaper and better. I really don't need much for Christmas. My satnav broke, but I think rather than buy a new one I will just try to survive the last 8 months. That is kind of my mentality lately. I want to just make everything I already have last until the end. I would love rootbeer... but it is so expensive to send. There is a place here where they sell american food maybe just send money and I can buy stuff? I don't really know. I like mormon music... there are lots of good lds things that aren't motab. I have a ton of it already. When I get home I am going to send Riley a ton of awesome music. So if you can find anything like that it would be cool. I always like new ties. A new sweater would be cool. A scarf? I dunno. Pray about it.
Sean emailed me this week. I am glad that although Sean might be a bit shaky still he is not given up completely on the church. I really want to move to Edmonton when I get home. The only thing holding me back is Sean and Tyler. I think it could be really good if I stayed and tried to help them but at the same time I don't want to get dragged down again.
So ya, I don't know what else really to say. I'll mention the area briefly in my letter to dad. Love you mom, have a good week,
Elder Steed

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