Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May 30, 2012

Okay, when you put last weeks letter in those terms it sounds just ridiculous. President Shamo never said I couldn't book the flight, he said the mission had no money so they were unable to get the tickets. They have reimbursed me though--I have like 500 dollars in my mission account that I have no way of getting back into my CIBC account. I did have to buy the plane ticket for my companion as well, as it would not have gone over so well if I had left him alone in Guernsey. Staying with the Baral's until 1030... some missionaries get so caught up in every rule (Law of Moses) that they become robotic and I think (this is just my opinion) that they lose a lot of opportunities to follow the spirit (the Law of Christ). The Law of Christ is how President Shamo likes to run things. The spirit was there that night, and I believe that everything that happened last weekend was meant to happen exactly how it did. Things worked out perfectly. The internet cafe and egg thing... ya I can't really say much about those. But President wasn't upset I did what I did, he said he had even tried to use his own personal credit card to get me back to Slough because he felt very strongly about that I should be there.
The Barals were confirmed yesterday in church. I was so happy to hear about that. The only problem is that Dambaru is still a drunken mess. He came to church, totally drunk, for their confirmation. Apparently he stood up in the middle of the meeting after his wife was confirmed and yelled 'My darling! My darling wife! I love you so much, can I kiss you?!' And then ran to the front and embraced her. I wish I would have been there for that one. He also stood up and applauded and yelled when his kids were confirmed. It is really sad and honestly pathetic the way he is. He was such a great guy for those 60 days he was sober. I just wish he could see what he is throwing away because of this stupid alcohol addiction. Nothing seems to work for him. So at this point I just have to laugh when he does stupid things like that, or else I would probably cry.
Too bad to hear about the fine Riley got. I wonder if someone called the cops on him.
I love to hear about everyones sporting events... but where is the weekly update about team Crush? Is the season over already? And what a classic moment at that basketball tournament with that coach freaking out. I am going to miss playing basketball on a team... maybe I will have to find an old person team.
So today is a national holiday, it is the 60th anniversary of the queen being crowned. So the whole island is just having a big celebration. All the shops are closed. The only place we were able to email was at an investigators house. So we are at Holly's house right now. She is a single mom with 3 kids, but is really cool. She has come to church every week for like 2 months. And a couple of days ago we finally asked her to be baptized... and she is getting baptized next saturday! Not the 9th, the 16th. So that is exciting. Keep her in your prayers. Because we are here, I will be able to send some photos as well!
My piano skills are horrible. They are getting even worse because I literally never play. Someone here had a guitar the other day also and I picked it up, and I can't really play that well either anymore. So all my musical talent is gone.
Today is a bit hectic, but next week I will send Riley an email. Going through the temple is a pretty big deal and so is preparing for a mission. I will see if I can think of a few words of wisdom.
Spending some time with Simmons and White was really fun. They are great guys. It is so crazy to see some of my best friends here going home soon. Simmons only has 2 months left. And as you can tell, I haven't really changed all that much. I still do my normal thing. I have been out for 11 months next week. Coming up to my year mark is a scary thought... it is something I didn't really think would ever happen.
Anyways, tell both grandparents I love them also and especially Grandma Steed that she is in my prayers.
I love you guys,
Elder Steed

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