Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May 27, 2012

I also did get your email. I just thought I'd let mom have the long one this week. Crazy about the squirrel nest, and thanks for the allergy meds. Those things are soo good. They have helped so much, I will need more in 80 days though. Thanks for those birthday packages.
They were great, especially that calendar with a big picture of my face on the front. All the missionaries I was with when I opened that were just dying laughing when they saw my face on the front of that calendar. I thought it was pretty funny also, but really nice. Thanks for that stuff, I have already devoured all the sweets and I really like the tie. And that little book of references is proving very helpful as well.
Good luck in your half marathon triathalon. Hopefully I will be able to get back into those when I get home. They were pretty fun. Well it is a beautiful day and we are going to go have some fun and take a bunch of photos. I need to find some way to send them. It might be months though until I can send any photos. I got in an argument with the guy who owns the internet cafe on the island so I am sort of hesitant to go back. I got out some CD's from the library and tried to use the internet cafe to burn them onto my ipod. But none of the computers had itunes except 2, but both of those 2 couldn't read CD's for some reason. So I was on for like 30 mintues, and he wanted to charge me a pound fifty for trying like 10 different computers to do what I wanted and having none of them work at all. I told him I didn't feel I should have to pay for his computers if they didn't even do what they were supposed to. So he got a little fired up, and I think it would be weird if I go back. So ya, it will probably be in my next area when I send you guys photos. But hey, I love you guys, and I hope everthing goes well this week 
I also remembered about that cake mix you sent over in the pacakge.
Devils food chocolate. Thanks for that. My birthday was spent in a conference so it wasn't that exciting. But that night, we were staying with the AP's and 4 other zone leaders. I had the cake mix with me, but we had no eggs. We went out to this really nice Thai resturaunt for dinner, really posh place, great food and service and everything.
And at the end, I called the waiter over and asked for some eggs. All these guys were from Thailand and Bangladesh and stuff. It took some coaxing, and a couple other waiters and a cook got involved, but in the end I got my three eggs from the kitchen for my cake. All the other guys were dying laughing. We went home and I mixed the cake in a big wok and then cooked it in the oven in a frying pan. We had no cream or ice cream or anything, but it was still awesome and we used all those candles and lit them on the gas oven. Pretty funny night, but it was a great birthday. Thanks for sending that stuff.
Love Elder Steed

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