Wednesday, October 24, 2012

June 3, 2012

That is amazing that you were able to do that triathalon with so little sleep. I am glad you are no letting Toni beat you. Good luck with the Ironman. Just think of me on Guernsey peddaling up these crazy steep hills here in a suit and just about dying at the top. I am still so out of shape. I was actually having a big issue this week--I was falling asleep everywhere. When we would be watching the Restoration DVD with investigators I would fall asleep in the first 30 seconds and not wake up until the end when Martins would kick me. During a spree of like 6 houses in a row that didn't answer the door, I fell asleep leaning against the wall at a door. I would fall asleep as soon as we got back to the flat for lunch/dinner. I fell asleep sitting on the couch sending a text, sitting on my bed doing the Rubiks cube, just everywhere. And I would go to bed at like 8 at night and really struggle to get up at 630. So I had no idea what was wrong. But then it dawned on me. It is those new allergy meds you sent me... I haven't taken them the last 2 days and I feel way better. So although they completely got rid of my allergies, I was just a total mess. So i think now I will just have to struggle through these allergies.
Speaking of this, ya, I can solve a Rubiks cube now. I bought one because there is nothing else to do here. My record is 2.30 mintues.
Okay the investigators here... also a lot of familes. The active membership here is like 8 a week. A month ago, Martins and the guy before me had 29 people at church (including kids.) We had 20 this week. A lot of families. One single mom (Holly), a family that isn't married yet but comes to church every week and wants to get married and have 2 kids (LUke and Louise), a really cool young family with 2 young kids (Jason and Steesha. Jason isn't as interested, but he just likes us. Steesha has come to church every week for like 3 months and really likes it. They just aren't married. We went to their house last night for an AWESOME roast dinner). And all 4 of these people live within like 3 minutes of each other, with Holly, Sarah and Steesha are neighbors, and live in three houses in a row. So that is pretty cool. We also have picked up a Portugese lady as a new investigator who has 2 kids (13 and 15) that aren't really interested. We met her street contacting and she just invited us over to her house. We went back yesterday to share the Restoration DVD after we shared the first lesson on Tuesday, and she had bought a ton of popcorn, cupcakes, coke, other sweets, tons of stuff like that. And invited 2 of her other friends over. We had a really good discussion and we are going back to have a Portugese fish feast soon. We also have an Indian guy we are about to drop and a crazy celebrity guy named John Watson. He has 14 kids and you could easily find him if you looked on google. He really wants to get baptized.
So that is pretty much the work here. A lot is going on, and if there were some weddings then we might be having a bit more success.
I will definitely be able to do buzz lawn care. I am still deciding if I am going to lifeguard or not... but if buzz is going that well and I can earn enough money doing that, I will be willing to not lifeguard and just do it full time.
There is going to be some big conferences soon before President leaves. Everyone is going to miss him. Okay well the twins are attacking me. Tamsen and Imogen (Holly's 2 year old twins) are fighiting me and making it hard to email. I will send photos.
Love Elder Steed

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