Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 29, 2012

Hey no worries about last week. I was just a bit down but I am feeling a bit better now. We went back over 3 or 4 times this week and they seemed to be doing better. I think Pratigya must have just been having a bad day or something.
Okay, first of all you need to read this article. Yes, I had to go to this other website to get it, but you guys have to read it.
Plug that into the address bar.
In the photo at the top, the guy on the left in glasses is Neil. While he was in prison, he somehow built a relationship with Jesus. We taught him twice this week, and last night he accepted to be baptized, but he has not yet accepted a date. It was a really good restoration teach. I found him on exchange with the zone leaders like over a month ago, but it took until this week to finally meet up with him. He is really cool and really prepared. And he is actually just the nicest guy. So this was a really great part of the week. It is good to finally have started teaching another investigator who actually seems open and very interested. Even if he is an ex-con.
That first paragraph you wrote was actually something that I really needed to hear. Thanks.
I'm sure jackson enjoyed that for his first time. And bro. Mandin is a pretty good guy. I was really sad to hear that bro. Cartier was moving away though.
You bought Alyssa an iPhone 4? You guys are crazy. Although to be fair that is going to be the first thing I will be purchasing when I get home. But it will probably be an iPhone 5 by then.
I just signed on to my Skype account to make sure I rememebr the password and username. In this ward I am probably closest with this family called the Lovelaces. They are this really great American family that live here for work. They have us over every week for dinner. We celebrated Pettersens b'day with them, and they got him presents and stuff. She is the seminary teacher, and she asked for our help this week. So twice this week we got up at 5 am and taught seminary for her. She was there, but she just wanted us to teach the lesson because we are closer to the kids' ages or whatever. So I taught the book of Jonah, and I tried to focus on 'moden day gourds,' things that seem important to us but really are meaningless. Like not going on a mission for a girl or a scholarship, or like skipping church because you want to sleep or something. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read Jonah chapter 4. It is a really good story. And we went back to their house after seminary and had blueberry pancakes and did our morning study there. And at church this week, she bought us each a 12 pack of rootbeer! It was so good of her to do this, and I was really happy as they don't have any rootbeer in this country. So the point of this is, they are like my Slough family, sort of like the Morris' were back in Helston. And so I think we will probably go there to Skype. Unless they are in Paris because I know they are going to France soon. But regardless, we will find somewhere to Skype. Probably around 5 in our time, which would be around 10 in your time. Or is that when you have church? The latest we could really start is 7, or 12 in your time. My comp's parents aren't members so he won't have to worry about that.
Luckily I will be home when all of Riley's friends get home to keep an eye on Alyssa. Until then, I guess it is up to Jackson.
Love Elder Steed

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