Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 15, 2012

I miss those Sunday dinners we used to have. Those hutterites make good chickens.
Sounds like the house and cabin are going to be completely different when I get home. I'm excited to see everything though.
Ouch, sounds like the missionaries are struggling. If they aren't working with the members, it is probably their own fault though. Two of the missionaries in this district got whitewashed in last transfer (they both were moved into the area at the same time. This really only happens when an area is really dead and nothing is happening.) and for the first like 2 weeks they just visited members in the ward, getting to know them and street contacting on the way. Within a few weeks, they had gotten refferrals, found their own new investigators, and got the trust of the ward. One of those guys is an ex-zone leader who is training one of the greenies, but he goes home in about a month.
Haha I am trying to imagine Al Holm at church... I just can't see it. But i'm sure he would go to see the farewells if one of those boys would invite him. That could be really cool for him actually.
I have really missed the whole family as well, but I have been thinking a lot of how long it will be before I see Riley again. Like 3 and a half years. Such a long time. I will probably be married the next time I see him.
Okay, what the heck? 4 or 5 care packages???? I have got nothing since Christmas. I thought you guys had totally forgotten about me. Where did you send them to? The temple or to my house? I was kind of hoping for one for Easter  but when that didn't come I was just like oh well they must be waiting until my birthday. I love getting care packages, I wonder where all those ones went. Also, if you ever find those letters you wrote me the night I was set apart I would like to read those as well.
Ya, so this was an awesome week. We had 2 temple trips! On Monday night we went down with 2 families in the ward and the Barals to the temple for an Easter fireside. It was really good, although the Barals will still not accept baptism. We had an Easter egg hunt,and the temple sisters talked about what the real meaning of Easter is and everything like that. I think they really felt the spirit of that place. On Thursday we randomly got a call from a guy who lives in York. He is in Med School there. He was baptized in Slough like 3 years ago though, and he was back for a couple of days. He is always really into missionary work, so he called us and said he was going to the temple and would take any investigators we wanted him to. We brought down the High Wycombe Elders to do a workover, and me and Elder Izatt went to all our appointments that night while Pettersen and Bethers went with Ernest and this guy down to the temple. They said the temple went really well, and Ernest promised to come to church that Sunday  He wants to be baptized so badly just he always seems to work Sundays  He likes money more than church is what it comes down to. And so after committing to come to church at the temple in front of the Christus statue, I called him Sunday morning and he said he couldn't come any more. I was so frustrated. He was pretty mad at me as well though. I didn't tell him it woulnd't be me going to the temple with him, and he doesn't really know Pettersen that well because Pettersen doesn't really talk that much. He was really mad, but I apologized and we talked for a really long time, and he told me he wants me to baptize him soon and he wants me to be the best man at his upcoming wedding. I thought that was kind of weird but also kind of nice of him.
The other highlights of the week were Luna's tenth birthday. We went to a ward members house with the Barals and the Woods and had a big dinner and cake and ice cream and opened presents and just had a really fun night. The one problem is before me and Pettersen got there they were out feeding horses and stuff, so as soon as I shook hands with them I just started to die. I had to secretly dig through their medicine cabinet to find some bendryll, and popped a bunch of those. That helped with the allergies, but I got really drowsy and had to go to bed at like 9 because I couldn't stay awake any longer. We had a really good night though.
Also we met a really cool inactive family, only the mom is a member. They have 2 kids who are 9 and 13 and unbaptized, and they seemed pretty cool. The problem is they are quite integrated into the baptist church they attend. But they invited us back over for curry (they are from Sri Lanka) and she works at a local ice rink. So today for pday she is getting the whole district in to ice skate for free!
And because of how much I love Nepalese food and Nepalese culture, I am always joking with the Barals about how I am going to marry a Nepalese girl. And Pratigya (the mom) is always joking about how she is going to find me a Nepalese wife. Or at least I thought she was joking. She actually found me one. Haha it is really weird. She said she has a relative in London who is in university there. She is 21. She says she is really smart, a really good cook, very tall, and very nice. She said she is going to have her come over this week to stay at their house so that she can introduce us. I was like whoa, I was kidding. I have to wait like a year. And she is just like no problem, she will wait. So now I am in a very strange situation. I am getting wrapped up in some crazy Nepalese arranged marriage. In Nepalese culture, you have to marry the first person you date. Laxman and those guys said if you hug a girl, you pretty much have to marry her. Or her family will kill you. I think I might just stick to Canadian girls.
Anyways, that was pretty much it for this week. We got a new zone leader as well, who is way better than the last one. So I'm getting along a bit better with the zone leaders now than I did last transfer. People who are just really uptight and way to serious and strict I just can't help but try to loosen them up.
Well, thanks for all the emails and the support. I look forward to gettting all 5 of these packages at the same time.
Love Elder Steed 

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