Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 15, 2012

Dear Dad,
Okay, I will make this short and fire mom off a longer one. I think that is a weird thing for her to be sad about though...
Did you have to teach gospel principles again? That is cool she brought someone to church. I didn't think she was really into the church that much. For us this week of church was just watching the sunday afternoon session of conference. So it was only 2 hours. I thought it was a good session. But we had a few investigators there for the first time, and I kind of think they found it boring and strange. We had Laxman, Arvind and Bunu all come. They are like the early 20's Nepalese students who are friends with the Barals. Bunu called in sick to work so she could come. I think they enjoyed it though, and the ward was actually pretty friendly towards them which was nice. The Baral's also made it to church, which is now just a normal thing.
The whole idea of sacrifice really is an interesting one. Becuase ideally, we don't actually want to have to sacrifice at all. We all need to get to the point eventually where the things we do for God/The Church, etc, are the things we want to do and not things we see as a sacrifice. But I don't think I'm quite at that point yet. There are still some days when I think about all that I am missing out on, and what I would be doing if I was home and things like that. But there are also days where I feel like the things I gave up are not anything close to the things I have gained. Regardless of how I am feeling though, I am almost always having a good time and enjoying doing this stuff.
That truck story just sounds so dodgy. Sounds like the funniest guy ever, haha I really want to see his youtube videos and everything. I guess when I take over BLC next summer I'll be driving it around.
I can't believe his papers are in either. They will be here by Mother's day. And if they aren't we could even probably do it the sunday after. I will be allowed to Skype again, and if it is easier I could get my hands on an iPad and even do like face time or something.
Oh, just before I forget. I used the VISA again this week. I needed it to send a package to Alyssa for her b'day, and also to buy Luna a present for her b'day. Your guy's package should be arriving this week and I got Luna some glowsticks and a fantasy art book.
I was not transferred. And I am still with Elder Pettersen. I am happy with that though. I have been learning a lot lately. I think one of the things I have realized is that the best points of my life/mission have been preceeded by the toughest. So when I am facing opposition/hardships, I have been trying to look past it and trying to see what I am learning through this trial and where I will be or what will happen after I get through it. That is something that has helped me a lot. One of the ward members here always says that nothing bad can happen to you. I don't know if I would go that far, but I do think that there is something to be learned from everything that happens to you.
I'm sure the presentation went great. I've never thought you seemed nervous when giving a talk or anything. One thing I have been learing on a mission is how to talk in front of people. I have to do a 2 hour district meeting every week, and I don't get much time to prepare for it, so I usually just end up winging it.
Thanks for the photos you sent, I always love to see photos so ya keep sending more.
Love Elder Steed

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