Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 1, 2012

Confrence was pretty good eh? A few of the talks really stood out to me. I remember watching conference at home, eating crepes and trying not to get caught sleeping. I actually took notes for the last two sessions and only fell asleep during the women speakers. Haha, I really like Elder Scott and Elder Christoffersons talks. The one about a prophet changing church practices and the other about the difference between inspiration and revelation. I also really like the one by Eyring about building a strong foundation of faith, and the ones by Bednar and Holland. There were some awesome talks. There has always been a bit of a running joke about Barbara Thompson (Baby T) in the mission, and we were all sad to see her released. We watched the two morning sessions live at 5 in the evening. And we watched priesthood at 10 sunday morning, and we still haven't seen the sunday afternoon session but will watch it in 3 weeks instead of sacrament meeting.
I actually did get the email from mom last week. I replied to it as well, hopefully she got that.
Ya I bought those glasses and I wore them for the last couple of p-days. I seem to be taking photos pretty much just on p-days lately. But I am still happy and having a good time. Last week when i emailed you guys I had had a pretty rough week, I was really down. But this week was a lot better and I am feeling really good.
That is so cool about cream puff! I was hoping he would come to this mission though... oh well. Maybe Riley or someone else I know will. He doesn't have very long, and that is funny about Mike.
Those stupid Flames. That is like 3 years in a row they have blown it right at the end of the season. Hopefully team Crush is able to perform a little bit better.
Okay so the bad news is that we are having a zone p-day really soon. I have been really busy this week organizing this p-day, because our zone leaders are really lame and no one really likes them. But I have got everything sorted, and we have like 35 missionaries coming to Windsor today to play football! We are having a full size football match, 11 a side, of the Staines zone vs. Reading zone. So we are going to have substitutions, our team has a coach (one of the missionaires who doesn't want to play who is wearing a shirt and tie haha) and some areas are even bringing investigators and recent converts to play. I'm in Staines zone, and I think that the Reading zone might be a bit more skilled but we have made a roster and everything and hopefully we will be able to just outwork them. Haha everyone, including me, is really excited. I think that things like this are what missionaries live for. Aside from solid investigators. It has taken so much time, and almost got shut down by Pres. Shamo this morning, but he eventually allowed it. So I need to get going to there soon.
What has made this week so good is that things have seemed to come back together after last week where things felt like they were falling apart. Laxman and Bunu and Arvind accepted the date of May 6 to prepare for baptism! Their biggest problem will be coming to church 3x before that, as they all have to work almost every sunday morning. Laxman says he is free this sunday though. We had a really spiritual plan of salvation teach with them, and we thought going in that there was no chance in hell that they would accept a date, but Pettersen felt like he should extend it, and after resolving some concerns they agreed to work towards that. It was really cool.
The Barals are also doing great. They are like my best friends. She called us on Saturday and said she wants us to come over. Not for any reason, I think they just like having us around. They made us dinner and we had a really good night. We saw the Barals maybe 2 other times in the week, but Pratigya was always working so it was just Dambaru and the kids. We got Dambaru and the kids to a ward activity, which they really enjoyed. We also had them at conference yesterday. Dambaru came to priesthood with us at 10, and then the rest of the family came at 12. We had a picnic on the lawn with the Woods (the senior couple), and a bunch of members of the ward and some other Nepalese people and then all went back in and watched the one o'clock session. I really think that they will accept a baptism date either this week or sometime soon. They are so solid, and just so close. They would be more converts like Ken and Toni I think. Also, they have found a new flat to live, which has really helped to take some of their stress away.
We had Jay and Amit at the saturday session. Amit left after an hour to a resturant across the street to get some Korean food because he was bored. And Jay still doesn't believe those guys are real prophets. So no real change with those two.
Ernest was supposed to come to conference. We have seen him a couple times this week, and he seemed really solid and really wanting to be baptized and everything, commited to take sundays off work and start to come to church every week. But I called him literally 8 times sunday morning, each time trying to see when he was coming and where he was. He kept saying he was on his way, that he was 20 mintues away, that he was waiting for a bus, and all these other excuses. In the end, he never even turned up. I was so mad, and I need to cool down for a couple days before I call him back and ask what happened.
We also had this muslim guy named danny come sunday night to conference. We met him street contacting and he said he wanted to come to conference and he did, and he actually liked it. But he is still muslim and not planning on changing.
So we had a really good conference weekend. What else happened... we had another big zone conference in which this general authority talked to us. His name was Elder Johnson, I found him very abrasive. He was insulting missionaries who answered questions wrong, trying to be joking around, but I didn't like it at all. I didn't really get much from him. We had an exchange with the zone leaders this week, which was good and we found some cool people here. Also, Elder Whitehead who is one of the AP's goes home next month, and he served in Slough for like 8 months at the start of his mission. So he came here and did a workover with us for a day and that was pretty good as well. 2 members bough McDonalds for us this week. The Woods noticed mine and Pettersens shoes were really worn out, and so they took us to a shop and bought us each a new pair of shoes. I tried to tell them no, but they insisted. They are really nice. Transfers are in 9 days! I am really nervous, I am kind of hoping I can get released as district leader. I would love to train a new missionary, or just be a normal missionary again.
Anyways, I got to run.
Love Elder Steed

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