Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 8, 2012

My Easter was not really like that. We had no people at church, and it was just an average service. Not even any special musical number or anything. And we had no D.A. either. Right after church my friend Elvis and his family took us back to their house and we ate their leftover Phillipino food from a party they had last night, but we had to leave really quick to get to the bus station. The two missionaries in High Wycombe, one of the areas in the district, have been struggling (one is a greenie who has been out like 5 weeks now) so we went to see them. And then I hadn't exchanged with Elder Buglass yet this transfer (another missionary in the district in the other area) so we had to travel to Staines and exchange with them. So that was the whole day, and my easter was not so eventful. Oh well. 
In my personal study on good friday morning I was reading in 2 Nephi 25, mainly v. 12 and 13, and for whatever reason, it just felt really meaningful to me. I thought for a moment I felt what Nephi felt as he saw these things happen. So that was the best part about my easter this year.
Haha Skousen is crazy... have you heard of his famous talk about the atonement? It isn't doctrine, but it creates a lot of debate amongst missionaries. 
I can't wait to see the new backyard. You guys should send a photo when it's all finished. 
That's really cool about Tanner Peterson. I will never see him, but it's cool that we served in the same country and we will have lots to talk about when he gets home. 
I think Riley told me he is putting his papers in next week? That is pretty cool, I really hope that he comes to this mission. And if he sends them in next week, they will probably be back to you guys by mothers day!
Well it isn't really p-day, because it is moves week. Today is known as Black Monday, because it is the only monday of the transfer we don't get to have a p-day. So we are supposed to make our emailing a little quicker on Black Mondays (Simmons always called them white mondays). So I better send one to dad and get going.
Love Elder Steed

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