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Mar 25, 2012

Ya it's to bad we missed that chatting opportunity. The bad news is that we just had our daylight savings time, so I lost an hour of sleep on Saturday night. I think that makes it even harder to set up chat times. It was so tough to get up Sunday morning since it felt like 530. I nodded off in church a couple of times.
I think I told you my bank statement would be really high... remember I bought all that survival gear? I have a survival pack in my flat now for emergencies/2012. But I was doing better recently until this last month I started to use them a little to much again. So I'll stop. I think around my year mark or maybe a bit earlier I might need to buy a new suit. I came out with 2, but the gray one I always wore is now ruined. The trousers tore around the crotch area and it is to the point that you couldn't re-seam it, you would have to patch it but it would be in like 2 places and would just look really weird. So I have only been wearing my blue suit this last month, but it is starting to wear out as well.
So what is your current streak up to for never missing work?
So far I have that streak going as well... I have been sick a couple of times, but I have never taken any days or even time off due to illness of whatever.
I'm glad to hear Riley will have his papers in, I just wish it was earlier. Me and Jace email every week, and we are both really hoping that either Riley or Logan will come to one of our missions. Or Landon or Justin I guess as well.
Ya this guy from Vulcan has told some very strange stories about that side of the family... like how his uncle married his step-sister and weird things like that.
The new mission president will be in for a fun couple of months, he is really going to crack down though. At least that will be my guess. Pres. Shamo is the most loving guy ever, but he is definitely more on the mercy as opposed to justice side of things. Which is good most of the time.
This has been a bit of a tough week. Church yesterday was bad. The week itself was okay, but I just feel like something is missing. I've felt a little bit tired and just overwhelmed and discouraged. I can't really put my finger on what is causing this though. I think we really need to find new people. I'm sure the Baral's missing church contributed as well.
We had the Barals over to a members house on Tuesday night, with the seniour couple there as well, and the member made dinner for us all and we had a really good night and a really good Plan of Salvation teach afterwards. Except the member and the Woods (the senior couple) took over the teach and it went on for like over 2 hours. Everyone was falling asleep except them. Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say, and this really was a case of that. We had what we wanted to do, and then the member and ELder Wood each had there own serperate game plan and it just made things not unified and confusing. We tried to extend a baptismal date, but they said no again. THey are still too afraid that they will be rejected by friends and family back home. THe 2 kids are reading the BoM, and really understanding it. THe 9 year old girl told us all about Nephi and Laman and Lemuel and Lehi leaving Jerusalem and everything in the first 3 chapters. She really understood it well, and was highlighting words she didn't understand and I defined them all for her the next time we saw them. That was really cool. Except Mr. and Mr.s Baral still haven't been reading the BoM, and so that is why they don't have a strong testimony yet.
We went to their house saturday night and cooked them dinner, since they are always cooking for us. We cooked them pizza balls, one of Pettersens favorite foods. Last week we bought 8 seeds, some soil and containers. We planted seeds, and have them in our window and water them everday. They are just starting to sprout. So we brought one of them (a sunflower) to the Barals, and taught them from Alma 32 about how our faith is like a seed, and the things they need to start doing better to help their faith grow. It was a good lesson, but the Baral's landlord is trying to evict them by April 15. And they have no tenancy agreement and pay everything in cash, so it is kind of dodgy. So they were really stressed and said they need to go look for a new house instead of going to church yesterday. They are very exctied for general conference though.
We have been struggling to see Laxman and that crew as well, as they are always working. They did invite us over Thursday night as it was Bunu's 24th birthday. There were like at least 20 Nepalese people there, and us. But it was really cool, all the Nepalese people were really nice and we talked to like all of them. I think that this could be good, for once we start seriously working with Laxman and Bunu and Arbind, we can hopefully start to spread out into this big Nepalese friend circle they have, and it will be nice that they know us and have seen we aren't like really weird or anything. We had a big cake, and they cooked really good food for it as well (my favorite was the goat meat!). The Baral family was there also. Such a fun night. Everyone wanted to take photos with us, especially Pettersen cause he is so tall and they are all short.
Jay has seemingly converted to born-again christianity. He claims that he does not believe in Joseph Smith/living prophets, but he has drawn a lot closer to Jesus. I might have mentioned this last week but I can't remember. He finished the BoM, and really liked it. At the same time he finished the BoM, he had dream in which he was told 'You have the answer.' But he didn't think this was the answer to his prayers about the BoM being true. He told us he thinks it just means that he knows Jesus is the Christ. He has also been telling us about how it is just through our faith and then the grace of Christ that we are saved and how our works have nothing to do with it. I am glad he has come closer to Christ, but sad that he has missed out on the truth and all that this gospel can offer to him. Haha I don't know if you hear too often about missionaries converting people to alternate faiths.
Let's see... aside from that, not to much has happened. We have a really good week of D.A.'s coming up again. And the weather has been amazing. It has been really sunny and warm every day. We didn't wear our suit jackets most days this week, just the white shirts. It is so nice for a change after the damp, gray winter here.
Well, this p-day the whole district is coming over to our flat. We are going to play a big game of RISK together and get some food, which I'm really looking forward to.
Love Elder Steed

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