Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nov 27, 2011

Actually the skating wasn't even my idea.. it was Ken's. I just told them after wards I used to love playing hockey and I love skating. I have some good videos as well, but I am too lazy to figure out how to email them. You can see them in 19 months when I'm home. Okay and although my face might look similar, my belly is much larger.

Toni and Ken are seriously the best. And the ward here is awesome. Penzance is a beautiful city right on the coast... you guys are going to love it so much when you come to pick me up. I might want to not bother going anywhere else except Cornwall.
I'm glad to hear you guys are getting into the Christmas spirit. We have got a bunch of decorations from an investigator named Agnes, and so on Dec. 1 we are going to decorate the flat. I already have all my wrapped presents sitting on the floor under the foam tree, but we might buy like a bigger fake tree and decorate it and the flat really well. And on Dec. 1 we can listen to all the Christmas albums we have bought! So I am excited for December, especially when I get to skype you guys.

I can' t believe Riley is becomming an Elder. He really will be on mission in no time, that is such a crazy thought. I won't see that bloke for such a long time.

I am not suprsied at all to hear how well your paper went. The idea, or framework of the paper you told me about last week, was really really good, so I had no doubt the paper itself would turn out great as well. I'm trying to keep my mind sharp as well... I had some time last night, and tried to draw out the physics behind each of the stones, especially the keystone, in a classic roman arch. (Because everyone always says the BoM is the keystone of our religion). I was trying to find a way to create a really good analogy uses all the forces involved, but I realized there is probably no one else who would be interested in hearing that kind of analogy. But I still thought it was fun.

Noah is a stud. I can totally picture that kid doing a Moses talk. And that just brought back great memories of home, me and him working together at Trico. Those were such good times we had, even though it is just a small thing, its things like that which are my favorite memories.

I hope you continue to adjust to the ward. One thing I am finding is that good friends don't always need to be your same age or your same situation. I'm sure as time goes on you guys will find your niche.

I have had an amazing week. I hope everything is going well back home, and that you don't just sugar coat everything for me.
Love Elder Steed

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