Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nov 27, 2011

Haha it really wouldn't be a proper holiday if Uncle Mike didn't get hurt. I'm just glad it wasn't anything worse.

Sounds like an amazing trip though. Except the sea-sickness. I would have been exactly the same. So when you catch a bunch of fish like that, what happens? Do you have to give them to the guy who took you out? I can't imagine you would even want that much fish.

I'm so jealous you guys went to the temple.. I think all the missionaries are going to be allowed to go around Christmas time. So that is pretty exciting. I haven't been since my first day in the mission.

The trip to Plymouth was really fun. The ice rink was pretty strange... it was a weird kidney bean shape, and the ice surface was horrible. I fell once and it cut my hand because it was such rough ice. It was worse than curling rink ice. And the skates were crappy plastic things. But I still had a lot of fun. And Ken and Toni loved it.

I swear, you guys are on some crazy holiday like three times a month. Las Vegas should be fun, try not to gamble to much.

This has been a pretty good week. I think the best part was that we were able to watch this movie called 17 miracles. It was a real movie, all about the Willie Martin handcart companies that crossed the states. It was really good, but pretty sad. It was just nice to finally watch a real movie again, it has been so long since I've seen one.

We also had a couple of new investigators this week. That grandaughter of the less active lady we finally got to teach, and that went really well. We also went and taught this guy whose door we knocked on, and he was really cool. He had read the first 5 chapters of 1 Nephi, and was talking all about them. The crazy thing about this teach, is that Oscarson invited Chris Thomas, the bloke who smokes who has been coming to church for 10 years but isn't baptized, to come on the teach with us. I was really hesitant about that at first, but after seeing how the teach went I know that it was inspired. Chris was actually better than some of the members in teaching the restoration with us, and it turns out this Eric guy (the new investigator) also has a smoking problem.

Elder Oscarsons hair was getting really long. Like really long, just completely out of control. So I borrowed clippers from Ken and Toni and cut his hair last night. I am actually getting pretty good at giving hair cuts.

I had an exchange with Elder Palmer this week, we were in Helston. I'm pretty sure that he is going to be moved at the end of this transfer, so it was our last exchange together. It's kind of sad, he is like my best friend, and he goes home in 6 months, so who knows if I will even see him again. I guess that is the nature of mission friendships though. He has really helped me through a lot of the struggles I have had as a new missionary.

I'm trying to think of what else really happened this week, but I can't think of much. I think it was a pretty ordinary week. We did run into a really cool deaf lady while knocking yesterday, and we are going back to see her wednesday. Hopefully that goes okay.

I hope all is well back home,
Love Elder Steed

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