Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 20, 2011


Sounds pretty awesome. I think at the end of these two years I might need a vacation... we will have to do a Mexico trip like that when I get back. Who was it that caught the 30 pounder? Daran actually emailed me last week, I think he was missing you and I didn't realize he was going to be in Mexico with you guys, that is really great though. The biking sounds sweet, but I can't believe you haven't gone surfing yet.

We are so excited that they are getting married on the 17th! And also really cool, they are getting baptized the day after! If I get transfered right before all of this (the transfer date is Dec. 8) I will just be devastated. However, I get along really well with the bishop, and there are quite a few problems in the ward at the moment and he doesn't want to bring anyone new in. So last night he called Pres. Shamo, and also had the Stake Pres. call Pres. Shamo, and he told me he is pretty sure I will be here for at least one more transfer. So I'm really happy about that. I want to spend Christmas here so bad, I have such good friends here and having it here would probably be the next best thing to a normal Christmas with you guys. I would hate to move to a new area and then two weeks later have Christmas with total strangers.

Oh, the Christmas package you guys sent arrived. However, they keep bringing it by at 1130, and because we are never home at that time, I am never here to sign for it. The tax on it was like 20.63 or something. Next year we will have to remember to send it to the mission office.

I am no longer upset about the fact I am in an English speaking mission. It would have been so tough to learn a language. I struggle enough as it is teaching people in English, if I was trying to do so in another language I would be a total mess. I think I have realized this is exactly the place I need to be in, and I honestly love being here in Helston.

We will get the chat thing going one of these weeks. I think I'll always be on about 130 your time.

We have the best p-day ever planned today! We are going up to Plymouth (Helston has about 10,000 people in it, and Plymouth has a couple million) with Ken and Toni in a couple hours, and meeting Elder White and Simmons there (it is about a 1.5 hour drive). Ken is driving us up in his beamer to save us from using our cars miles. We are going to an indoor ice rink and going ice skating! I am really glad I am going to get a chance to ice skate this winter after all, although everyone else says they don't really even know how to skate. If only we could play some hockey... but after skating we are doing some shopping for matching onesies for christmas and then we are going out to eat at a really good resturant called Nandos. It is going to be an awesome day!

Enjoy your time in Mexico,

Love Elder Steed

You didn't let me know about Sean or anything like that I asked about last week... he has just stopped emailing me and I was wondering what his plans were.

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