Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dec 18, 2011

This was the most amazing weekend of my mission. Although I have been a little bit sick and just exhausted the last like 3 days. But other than that, it's been incredible. We had the ward Christmas party on Friday, than the wedding saturday and the baptism Sunday. I think I spent more time in the church these last 3 days than I have spent sleeping. The wedding was so good. A lady in our ward decorated the chapel really nicely. Ken and Toni were both really nervous, but also really happy and exctied. Toni got to spend the night before at a Bed and Breakfast a ward member owns, and then a couple ladies went over and did her hair and makeup, and then a guy went and picked her up as chauffeur. Ken I think got a lift with the best man and borrowed my pink tie. It was really funny that Elder Simmons gave a talk in the marriage ceremony about marriage. He obviously has never been married, but talked really well about the example his parents have shown him. Me and Simmon were also the witnesses for the signing of the marriage certificate. THe reception afterwards was really fun. There were like 30 ward members and only 5 of Ken and Toni's friends, but there was great food, some really good toasts, we got some great photos, and hopefully it will be a day that they always look back on and remember. There were a bunch of love songs playing, and they shut off the lights and they got to do their first dance to I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith. I was actually the DJ of the wedding. Kind of strange, I know. But a ward member set up his laptop and speakers, and then had to go back to work, and had me run all the music. I enjoyed it.

And then the baptism yesterday was also so great. It didn't get started until almost 2 hours after church, so not many people stayed around to watch it. But for those who did, it was such a good experience. It was such a strong spirit there. As they were changing back into normal clothes, we had a kind of testimony thing in which people were asked to talk about their baptisms. It was really going great, people were crying and feeling the spirit, until one lady stood up and started telling everyone how here baptism was the worst day of her life. And she started right as Ken and Toni got out of the changerooms and sat back in the congregation. Then she just broke down and started talking all about how horrible her life has been. It was just out of control. Bishop signalled for me to come up and bear my testimony, so I went up right after her. By no means did this like ruin the day or anything, it is just another example of how crazy this Helston ward is. After the service, we went back to Ken and Toni's with Simmons and White. We had some of their wedding cake, and the best man came over as well. We ate leftover wedding cake, and watched the video that we made in Plymouth last monday. It was really funny, even the best man loved it. We had all seen it before at our big London Christmas conference, but it was good to watch it again. I will try to find a way to send a copy to you guys.

It is really strange that everything has happened. They are now members of the ward. I feel a little bit lost, I just don't know what the next step it from here. I guess just get right back to work, but it is strange that everything I have been working for the last 5 months has now all finally paid off. I've been out almost a quarter of my mission, and in terms of people baptized, this is all I have to show for it. But I feel like it has been totally worth it.

I really wish I had videoed that last sacrament meeting. You would have loved to be there. The church here is a little different.

Okay, I will call you guys between 6pm and 9pm on christmas eve in my time. Which will be sometime between 11am and 2pm your time. Hopefully that works?

Just in case I can't get a hold of you, we will plan on starting skype sometime between 4pm and 5pm on christmas day. So that will be like at either 9am or 10am your time. Hopefully that is not too early. We can discuss this saturday night though on the phone.

The London conference was awesome. Wow this has been a long week, so much has happened. We got to do a temple session, which I really liked. I am starting to get used to it more now, and I noticed a few things in there that I never had before. Than the conference itself was awesome. Each zone did 15 minutes of a Christmas entertainment thing, and our zone blew everyone else out of the water. The movie we made was really funny, and spiritual, and Oscarson did a really good job editing it. And then we got to spend the night at the temple apartments, with like 12 other missionaries, and that was pretty good as well. The 6 hour drive though is always pretty rough.

See you guys in 6 days!

Love Elder Steed

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