Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dec 25, 2011

I think yesterday was my favorite day of my mission so far. I loved getting to talk to you guys. I feel kind of bad though, I feel like I just talked about myself too much and I didn't hear enough about how and what you guys are doing. I also forgot a few things I was going to talk about. Maybe I'll write like a list or something next time. One thing I forgot is to say hi to you guys from Elder Atwal. I have no idea why he wanted me to, but he was really insistent and called me last night to make sure I had said hi to you from him. He is serving in St. Austell and is a really good friend. I think it might partly have to do with the fact that he wants you to send him a package full of American things, like Cheetos and Kool-aid and I don't know what else, and then he will pay you guys or pay me or something.

Ken had a really crazy day yesterday... I wasn't something I could really talk about in front of him to you guys yesterday. He had some serious issues with his younger sister, who is disabled, and his mom, and his younger sister went crazy and it really upset him. So we will make sure it happens next week. Also, that car adapter for my iPod is broken, I think it broke in the post on the way over here. So I might need to buy something for that at a boxing day sale today, because we aren't allowed to use headphones. Also, Elder SImmons wanted me to tell you that he still thinks you are a legend. After all those 17 dollar McDonalds runs I bought for Simmons, everytime he wants something he says 'Joel'll get that.' It's pretty funny, and has actually became a pretty common statement among missionaries in Cornwall. So you are kind of famous down here.

I hope you guys have a great boxing day. I wish I could be there for the Magrath skating party, that was always one of my favorite things.

Uncle Mike sent me a pretty sweet email, and I'm sure his talk was amazing as well.

I love you guys, and I seriously cannot wait until May when we can talk again.

Love Elder Steed

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