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Dec 18, 2011

That was a long email. I loved it though. I really like hearing the details about everything that is going on. Sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet Christmas party. I miss all that stuff. That food sounds amazing. I don't think I am going to even buy groceries this week. The ward here has given us like 30 christmas gifts, and I am pretty sure they are all food/sweets.

I'm glad you guys have some good friends in the Carter family. Are alyssa and Josh a thing?

I would have loved to be at that sacrament meeting for Tanner and Kyle. I can't believe Brooks is leaving in like 3 weeks on his mission. That guy is going to be a good missionary.

So what are Hayden and Dan doing with Riley out of the picture? Is Draycott upset that he is losing one more rent-payer? Hopefully Riley does better living at home, and is able to do well in school and also prepare for his mission. My advice to him would be to remember everything I did, and then just do the opposite. I'm still behind a lot of other missionaries because of my lack of preparing when I was back home.

That Derek story is horrible. What triggered that? That is going to really shake southern alberta I am sure.

Last sacrament meeting was just legendary. The one this week was good as well, but for other reasons. We had 8 investigators at church yesterday! It is always nice to have people that will show up, except it gets really hard to talk with all of them and make them all feel welcome because there are too many of them. But I think they all enjoyed it. Gareth and Rachel even showed up, and they said they really enjoyed it. Not what they were used to, but really good. It was like a 2 hour sunday school special christmas presentation, with primary children singing, reading the christmas stories in the bible, and like 10 really short talks. It was kind of a long sacrament meeting, but it was a nice change.
I'm glad you are still in contact with Toni. She loves getting your emails. I can't wait for you guys to meet them. I'll send some pictures today, if I have time, of the baptism.

The Steed family seems to be struggling with their health at the moment. Keep me updated on Wes and Grandma and they are in my prayers.

Thanks for all the Christmas traditions! We are going over to a members house on Christmas eve, and we have to all share our favorite Christmas traditions with each other. And apparently we are eating a huge meal as well. We are having 3 big Christmas roasts in 2 days. The only problem is, everyone here eats Christmas pudding, this big fruitcake like thing, and I'm pretty sure it is alcoholic.

I'll keep you guys posted on Gareth and Rachel. They could be the next Ken and Toni (I hope)!

All we have done for Christmas so far is decorate our flat, get a bunch of Christmas cards, and go to the ward Christmas party. For Christmas cards here, no one does pictures of their families, they just do normal cards and no letters or anything even with them. We did have an awesome Christmas party here though. We had a bunch of food, a Santa Clause came, there was barn-dancing, this pass the parcel game, and we also did a bunch of minute to win it games. Over here instead of calling it 'Minute to win it' they call it 'The Cube' though. Ken was the overall winner of that. And then right at the end, they set up this game on the Wii called 'Just Dance.' It was this game where a guy is dancing on the screen and you hold the Wiimote and try to copy his dance moves. I took a go at this game, against a couple of the young men. I lost, but apparently was the most entertaining to watch. It probably helped that I wore a Santa hat and a bright, ugly Christmas jumper to the party. Ken and Brett both recorded it on their iPhones. We are trying to figure out a way to send it back to you guys, because it is a really funny video.

Love Elder Steed

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