Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 6, 2011

Hello my mom,

It has been a good week. It seemed to just fly by, whereas most weeks seem to pass by really slowly. Thanks for sending the package! I hope you didn't spend too much on it... I don't know if I will be able to resist the temptation! I am going to try not to even read the label on the side of the box, so I have a good suprise on Christmas. My companion actually said he isn't really expecting anything.

Elder Oscarson is great. He is a lot different than Elder Simmons though. We get along really well, and we both like to work hard so things are really good so far. He loves movies, especially the old classics. So we talk a lot about his favorite movies and music. Back home we wouldn't have had like anything in common, but over here we are really good friends. I think that is like what dad was saying, about having a common interest. Elder Simmons is coming back to do an exchange on Tuesday though! We are going to go teach Ken and Toni, and suprise them!

That sounds like a great trip in Montana. It was really cool to hear about your weekend then about Dad and the boy's weekend, sounds like you both had a lot of fun. And actually it does usually snow like once a year here, and when it does the whole country just shuts down. Buses stop running, no one drives their cars, schools close, people here just have no idea how to drive on snowy/icy roads. They would all think you are crazy driving through a mountain pass with the road just covered in snow and ice. Actually, even I think it is a little bit crazy.

You bought yourself a camera like mine for Christmas, and you are already using it? Pretty early Christmas present...

Of course I am using my camera! I have taken like over 300 photos. The problem is that I don't have a cord for it to connect it to the computer, so to send photos I have to take my memory card out and put it in Elder Oscarsons camera and then use his cord. But I'll make sure to do that and send some photos today.

I'm glad school is still going good. Keep up the hard work! Stats is actually pretty tough.. it starts out really easy but the end is tricky. At least my stats class was.
I actually love the Old Testament. If I am really tired one morning during personal study, I will sometimes go to the Old Testament for a treat. I love just reading all the crazy stories in there, especially about David and Saul and all around that time.

Even if Riley doesn't figure out stuyding before his mission, he will on his mission for sure. What does he do with all his free time? Hopefully he doesn't just game all the time. He didn't feel like filling out the paper work of a police check? It is really easy, and a lifeguard is a WAY better job than a grocery store. Hopefully he figures things out soon enough. Is he starting on his papers any time soon?

I love the church in Eureka. And I really do love the ward here as well... but it is way different than anything I have ever known before. They call this church a worldwide church, they say it is the same everywhere you go, but that might not apply to Cornwall. Everyone is this ward is just a character, and there is always some crazy things going on in the ward. The ward is actually going through some really tough times. I met with the Bishop this week to discuss some things going on in the ward, and I realized one of the main reasons I think that we are here is to help strengthen this ward. Bishop has been talking to Pres. Shamo and said he will try to make sure we are here into the new year.

Ken and Toni getting baptized will be such a boost to this ward. The ward is helping them so much with their marriage. They are going over for dinner, or just to hang out, with members of the ward at least once a week. Some of their best friends are in the ward now. We have set a tentative date of Dec. 3 for their wedding, and then Dec. 4 for their baptism. We keep having to push it back, but we hope this will be the one. There is just so much you don't anticipate when you plan for a wedding, and it seems something always is coming up that causes delays. We are trying to just stay out of it as much as we can, and let them do their wedding when and how they want to. There is nothing I want more than to push them towards baptism, but I realized it isn't really my place to be trying to tell them how to do their wedding.

We also have a new lady with a baptism date, but I'll mention that more in Dad's email.
I love you guys, thanks for everything,

Elder Steed

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