Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 13, 2011

Sounds like a good weekend. I miss those rolls Grandma phillips makes. She actually sent me a letter this week in the mail. If you talk to her, tell her I really appreciated the letter and the 20 quid! Tell her I used it to buy some much needed new clothing. They actually also do remembrance day here, but we didn't go to a service or anything for it. I really wanted to though.

Ethnic novels and literature? That sounds like a ridiculous assignement. The only novel that popped into my head is Island of the blue dolphins. Oh, and 'Keeper of the isis (or maybe iris??) light' or something like that. Both of those probably fight into that category.

That sounds like the perfect calling for you. In our last ward, I remember all the yw loved you, and so I'm sure it will be the same here. You're a great teacher, and you are great with the girls. The added bonus of keeping an eye on Alyssa is always nice as well.
I loved Christmas as Uncle Mikes! Im sad I'll miss that, and I don't think we are going to have any decorations or even a tree to set up. Maybe I'll see if I can find someone who will let me borrow some, because we need those things for it to be proper christmas. I did just buy the Michael Buble Christmas album, and Oscarson bought some other oldies Christmas collection, so I am pretty excited to start listening to that music. Ya I didn't know about the 50 pound VAT or anything like that until today when I got on my emails. Hopefully they don't charge me too much.

I'm really excited to SKype all you guys, and to see Noahs suprise! You will have to make sure to get me all the right numbers and stuff.

Ya a lot of missionaries who leave with girlfriends get dear john'ed. Actually, pretty much all of them do. And it just destroys some of them. They go out of commission for like weeks or months. And even if they keep working, their heart just isn't in it for a while. So yes, it may have not been my own wisdom, but it is good that no girls would date me before my mission.

What is Aunt Janae worried about Tyler for?

And what is all this about you being worried about me the first month? Worried about what?

Thats awesome to hear about Jackson and his wrestling. Keep me posted on how that is going. He needs to find that fire. Tell him to think of Iginla and how good Iggy plays when he gets mad. I think Jack could be really good at wrestling. A missionary here who I am pretty good friends with won his state univesity wrestling championship just before he left on his mission. He said he would go to school 2 hours early and stay one hour late every day to train.

It was a great week for miracles, but the thing with Kathy may not pan out. I don't want to say too much about it though, because there is still hope things will work out.

Remember that I love you guys as well,

I'm excited to hear about your missionary expereinces you are going to have soon...

Love Elder Steed

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