Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 13, 2011

Ya we can skype on Christmas day. I also am going to see if we can skype when Riley gets his mission call. How is that going by the way?

I also just wanted to mention that Toni made us Mom's parmesan chicken this week. Me and Simmons did an exchange, and went to teach Ken and Toni and have dinner with them, but we didn't tell them it would be simmons coming. They were really suprised and excited and we had an awesome night. Ken had a really tough night at work the night before, he got spat on and a couple of guys jumped him and he is just really sick of his job.

I also just remembered that in the Christmas spirit, and as a service project, we are going to be putting up Christmas lights for an older lady in the ward. I'm really excited about that, she is really cool.

Oh, and we had a really good meeting in Reading this week. The area 70, a general authority, came to Reading on thursday so we did the 7 hour drive down to hear him speak. Actually, just a side note, on the way down one of the sisters we were travelling got really sick and I had the chance to give her a blessing. It still scares me half to death to be asked to give blessings, but that was my second one now and I am always amazed to see the power of priesthood blessings. But Elder Wright was amazing. He was a great speaker, and I gained a lot from this one. We had another q and a session with him, like we did with Bednar, and everyone was asking really lame questions that I could have answered. So I got sick of it, and near the end I asked one about the role of the spirit in goal setting and he spent like 20 minutes answering it and really just answered all my questions about it. So I really enjoyed being able to have some of my concerns about that get resolved. I was in the front row and he was just like standing beside me talking to me. It was pretty cool.

I should be on the same time next week, ifyou get a chance to be up to chat.

Love Elder Steed

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I might as well respond to your other email while I wait. As you mentioned seabiscuit, I just though about a movie I get to watch soon. We are having a ward fireside where we will be watching the movie called 17 miracles. Its about the handcart companies crossing the plains. I'm so excited to watch a proper movie! Also, we might be allowed to watch Its a wonderful life on Christmas day. I've never seen it, but everyone says it is really good.

You should totally knit me a toque for christams. Although no one here or even any of my companions have heard the word toque. They all call them beanies.

Actually mom didn't tell me about Riley... that is really too bad. He is doing design at SAIT? That kind of sounds lame to be honest. What is Hayden and Dan doing? And why did he decide to come back? I guess he must not be enjoying it that much... It's probably hard to fit into a YSA ward like that when you are pre-mission.

That is really cool to hear about what you are doing with Sean. Mom said you took him to a flames game as well, has he talked with you at all about plans for a mission? And I'm sure him and Jordan will love doing floor hockey. Haha you need to get one of thost big girls? When I get back I better still have my spot on the team though! I'm gonna come home and you are going to be better friends with sean than I am.

Teaching gospel principles is pretty good usually. I'm actually kind of bad, I just go in a wing it every week. But we get really good members to come in the class with us and they help a lot.

I'll let you know about the VAT for the Christmas package. Also, I might need to get some dry cleaning done this week, which costs maybe 15 pounds. Elder Oscarson I think would enjoy anything really, even if it is small just so that he has something nice to open on Christmas. I am learning a lot from him. He really likes old stuff, like any sort of old church films or music or talks or any MOTAB stuff he just loves.

Just thinking about what you said about that Cooper bloke, I think that is a realization I am coming to as well. The first few weeks or even months of my mission I was really uptight about everything, and just stiff and even a little bit awkward. I just wasn't being myself. I think it also makes it tough when you are with your trainer who has a really dominant personality (as do I...). But as I've gone on, I've tried to find the balance between being serious and still having fun. I think I am doing a lot better with that now. I have a lot of fun with the members and investigators, but I know when the time is to be serious as well. I think I just realized a missionary doesn't have to be stiff all the time, and that if you don't have some fun on your mission you won't enjoy it and you will go crazy. So things are starting to get easier and easier, I am enjoying serving here pretty much every day now. And even though time still seems to be passing really slowly, I don't really mind.

Have fun in Mexico! I actually still have the scar on my lip from that impromptu surgery,

Love Elder Steed

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