Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 6, 2011


We ended up doing a bunch of street contacting last night and were walking around town for 2 hours, between potential investigators houses and along the high street and stuff. I was exhausted after just that, but I've started to exercise more in the mornings now.
Haha you forgot it was fast sunday? Sounds like quite the Sunday adventure. We fasted yesterday, and broke the fast with the Joliffes. The Joliffes and the Morris' are like my best friends here. We had a huge sunday dinner, and maybe the best dinner I have had here. I had thirds it was so good. Brett Joliffe is an RM and comes on teaches with us all the time. He actually is helping Ken and Toni a lot financially with their wedding, and I promised I would buy their family chinese food (to show how grateful i am for all his help). So that will be on the VISA if thats alright? Oh, and another really cool thing is both Ken and Toni fasted this week.

I'm so glad Jackson is doing so well. That kid is going to be ripped when I get back if he keeps up that lifestyle. Good for him, I need to follow his example. And Noah is a whiz. I love getting his emails, I am amazed he can type and spell so well. Those SDS's were brutal. Hopefully doing the AP english will count towards a university class if she does it in grade 12. I'm sure Alyssa will make the bball team. She just needs to start talking to Zelez and let him know she is a Steed. I think he really liked me and Riley.
We had a pretty crazy week this week.

Me and Brett Joliffe and Paul Morris did a little bit of an initiation thing for Oscarson this week. We had an Elder's quorum presidency meeting, and Paul offered the opening prayer and in the middle started talking in Irish instead of English. Brett told him he was talking in tounges again, and I said it sounded like English to me. We told Oscarson it happens quite a bit, and he was just so confused. Then we started singing primary songs and doing all the actions becasue we said it helps us relax after a hard day of work. He was going along with it, but is just a really guillible guy I think.

We also got to go eat at our Landlords house this week. We have a great realationship with him, and because his wife just had surgery on her wrist we went over there an hour before dinner to help them prepare dinner. Oscarson peeled a bunch of apples and I cooked the whole meal. It was a lot of fun, it was this really nice fish and egg rice dish.

We had a few miracles this week... do you remember me talking about Chris Thomas? He is the guy who has been investigating the church for 10 years and the only reason he won't get baptized is that he can't quit smoking. Although Elder Oscarson is all fired up, and is convinced we are going to be able to help him quit smoking and baptize him this transfer. I had the same faith when I first got to this area. It is kind of sad that I have given up on ever baptizing him. Hopefully Oscarsons faith will be enough to carry us. But anyways, the miracle is that we went to teach him on wednesday and he brought along this guy named Luke. Luke was baptized a year ago, but then had some family opposition and stopped coming to church. He didn't tell anyone, or give anyone his number or address, so he was just completely lost. But it turns out Chris is friends with him, and Christ wants to get him active in the church again. So he invited him over when we went and we were able to get him number and address, and teach him and invite him back to church. It was the first contact he had with the church in almost a year. Chris was literally the only link that he had. We are meeting with him again next week. It was amazing to see Chris, an investigator, doing missionary work. His problem is he already sees himself as a member of the church. And he pretty much is, we just need to dunk him. I just wish more members would be as active in doing missionary work as he is.

The big miracle of the week though is that we have another person who has accepted a baptismal date! This is a pretty crazy story... About a month ago when it was me and Simmons, we were cleaning the flat. I found this old folded up scrap piece of paper, and opened it up and there were like 6 or 7 names on it. I was about to throw it away, but 2 of the names, which had a phone number and the word 'seeker' beside them, stuck out to me so I wrote them down in my daily planner. About 5 days ago, we were doing some finding and I was leafing through my planner and saw one of the peoples names, Kathy. I felt like we should call her, so Oscarson called her and she didn't really sound happy or interested but she said we could come over on saturday if we wanted to. So we did. She let us in, she was a really nice lady, and we started talking about her. Turns out she met Elder Tanner over a year ago on a bus. He talked with her, and she gave him his number but Elder Tanner was never able to go see her because they didn't have a car here back then and she lives in this small village by Penzance that is really tough to get to without a car. She told us she has a drinking problem, and that her whole life is just a mess right now. She said the last week she had been praying everyday that Jesus would help her, that he would be able to show her a way to make a huge change in her life and get her life back on track. And she said that as soon as we called she knew we were the answer to that prayer. At this point we were just blown away. We told her about how we ended up finding her number, and started to teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end). We told her how through baptism we recieve a remission of sins, and that we get a clean slate. She told us immediatly she knew what we were saying was true, and that she wanted to be baptized, that this was the big change she had been praying for. We extended the date of Dec. 17, and she said she will be baptized then! It was such a miracle. We talked to our ward mission leader, and he said he will give her a lift to church next week. We have been trying to hard to find new people to teach and more baptism dates, and the Lord provided a way!

I just wanted to share that with you guys, Thanks for all your prayers and support,

Love Elder Steed

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