Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sept 14, 2011

You did a great job teaching me and helping me, I just didn't do a great job listening.

It really has been an amazing experience so far. My faith and testimony have increased exponentially, but are still are not anywhere near where they should be. Its something I pray for and work on everyday.

Ken and Toni are the best.Saturday night Ken was working as doorman at a club in Falmouth pretty late. I guess some guy who was high on cocaine and drunk came up and got in his face and was being really aggresive. Eventually he took a swing at Ken, and hit him in the head. He punched him again in the head, and then Ken (who is like a black belt in Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA) does some crazy clinch to headlock maneuver and then body slams this guy into the pavement. The point is, Ken finds it really hard to sleep after really eventful nights like that, and because he can't sleep he isn't comfortable driving his family the 30 mins from Falmouth to Helston early Sunday morning. So in past experiences, when he has had a tough Saturday night like that he doesn't make it out to church. But after the cops hauled this guy off, he said he remembered about a month ago when we were teaching him about oppostion. And he said he realized that this was all just Satan trying his hardest to oppose Ken and his family making it out to church. So he resolved not to let that stand in his way, he went home and watched some Mormon messages, fell asleep, and made it out to church yesterday!

Josh and Stephanie also made it. We introduced them to each other, and were really happy because we have been trying forever to get them both to church the same week. Both of these families are starting to build friendships within the ward. There aren't many young families, but the ones that are here are doing a great job at fellowshipping these investigators. It has been years here since a baptism, and decades since a young family was baptized (its usually old people or young single people). So the ward is getting really excited about doing missionary work, because they are finally seeing that it can have an affect.

During this time of great excitement and progress for the ward, there is also a lot of oppostion. We have been working closely with the bishop with some members who are struggling. There are also some concerns with the old bishop who appostasized here making contact with some of the members. He actually even tried to come into church yesterday, which wouldn't have been good because of all the investigators we had there.

Good luck on your talk. Let me know the topic and Ill try to send you some good scriptures. I know you two will both do great though.

That is really funny about Noah. Why not just move him all the way up to grade 5? One thing I have learned is to never doubt a spiritual prompting you had because of its outcome. Theres always a reason for it.

I think Alyssa is in the same boat i was. I was so bored in all my classes. I was in a lot of classes with this azn kid kyle skelly, and he would always just load up his ipod with sweet movies and we would sit in the back of the class watching movies. or taking naps or gaming or whatever. Those were the days.

Are you asking me for confirmation that you are old? Yes mother. You are getting old. But its okay. Im still a teenager and there is no way I could ever run 18 km.

That trip with you and alyssa sounds really fun. Our trip was awesome, the hockey games and disneyland and all that. We will have to do another guys trip when me and riles are back.

Is Escape from Alcatraz even a real triatholon? That just sounds reckless. I think there is a reason it was considered like the best prison ever. It's like impossible to escape. Tell dad I want to see him alive again in this life.

Good luck with your homework. Sorry im not there to help with math. And I havent even gotten that newsletter yet...

Anyways thanks for the letter. Keep praying for Ken and Toni and Josh and Stephaine.

Love Elder Steed

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