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Sept 11, 2011


A bunch of old ladies were using the family history center like all day today here in the chapel, they finally just got off but left us with not much time for emails today. Me and Elder Simmons and one of the members here (Paul) and Ken, our investigator, are going golfing in a few minutes. It has been rainy and cold every day this week, but today it is sunny and really nice out. So we picked a good day to golf. You're right about the realtionships here. These guys all feel like brothers. After golf we are all going back to Ken's house and Toni is making us a big roast dinner and then we are finishing teaching them about the 10 commandments. Actually I need to backtrack a little bit.
This has been an amazing week. Last week on wednesday, we went over to Ken and Toni's to teach them about the ten commandments. However, when we got there we just started talking about different things. I guess Ken had been looking online at a bunch of stuff about mormons. He had found MOTAB, and absolutely loved it. He said it was the best choir he had ever heard, and he had bought 30 of their songs on iTunes. He then told us he had watched every mormon message on youtube, and most of the other church videos on there. We had left him with an assignment to watch the joseph smith movie, and he did. Twice. he prayed before-hand, and while watching it recieved an amazing spiriual confirmation that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. They both told us they knew this was the true church. Ken asked us if he could possibly serve a mission, like we were. He then asked how long it would be until he would be allowed to be sealed to Toni in the temple. We answered their question, and took the opportunity to extend a baptismal date. They accepted, and they are going to be baptized on Oct. 16! They still aren't married, but they are working with the bishop and are going to have a small wedding here in the church in Helston as quickly as possible.

It was such an amazing spiritual experience. We had Paul with us on this teach, and you guys know I'm not usually an emotional person but there were no dry eyes that night. We have since taught them about tithing, keeping the sabbath day holy, and sacrifice. They prayed and accepted all these things as true. THey are really struggling financially right now but they are still willing to pay tithing because they know they will be blessed. I wish you could meet these guys. Elder Simmons is sure that Ken is going to be like a stake president or something one day. I also see great things ahead for this family.
We finally got them out to church this week as well. It was our missionary sacrament meeting, so Elder Simmons and I were the speakers. I kind of lost track of time up there, and I was the first speaker, and talked for like 25 mintues about becoming better member missionaries. I felt really bad, because I left like no time for Elder Simmons. I don't think I have every talkd that long in my life. But Elder Simmons still gave an amazing talk and Ken and Toni loved the meeting. A lot of the great ward members down here really fellowshipped them also. They stuck around for an hour chatting with people, and were invited over to some members houses for dinner this week. I'm so excited for them, and with transfers coming up, there was nothing I wanted more than to stay and be here as they finish their conversion process.

And my prayers were answered! Me and Elder Simmons were both blessed to be allowed to continue to serve together here in Helston. I felt really bad praying and asking to be allowed to stay here, so I tried praying and saying 'just send me wherever I need to go and let me be okay with that' but I think deep down the Lord knew my greatest desire was to not go anywhere.

So it has been a good week. We also got 4 more investigators, we knocked in to a couple peoples houses. We finally caught up with some people we found like over a month ago and finally had time for us this week. We are teaching a lot of navy families. It seems with navy/army people, they either have a really strong belief in God or none at all.
Josh and Stephanie have gone a little bit MIA though. We stopped by their house and saw them for like 10 minutes late last week, but they hadn't been returning our calls or anything. However, today as we were getting gas at Tescos, stephaine pulled up right beside us! It was a miracle, and we talked to her and it turns out she was DJing some wedding (she is like 7 months pregnant also...) and lost her phone so she didn't know we had been calling. But she said she will call on Joshs phone, so things should be back on track with them. They are so cool also. They have had us over for dinner quite a few times now, and we get on really well with them.

Elder Simmons passed his UK driving test, which was pretty cool and something he was quite stresed about.

Sounds like you guys are doing great. Thats amazing how you did in Banff. I may never beat you in a triathlon at this rate. But I will definitly try when I get back.

Ya you might need to keep reffing if youre going to be able to afford those 17 dollar McDonalds meals we keep getting.

Uncle Mike is bound to be at least a 70 someday. If you talk to him, tell him I would love to hear from him. But there were definitly some stupid questions, but for the most part they were really good and we all learned a lot.

Well, we tee of in like 12 minutes. So I better go.

Love Elder Steed

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