Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sept 18, 2011

It was a great week. This week has been pretty good also. Except Friday. Friday we went into Penzance and just visited a bunch of struggling less-active members who the bishop asked us to see. That is literally all we did from like noon until eight. It was just draining to have to be chatting with these really negative old people all day. We tried to give them a boost spiritually, but they just dont have the greatest outlook on life.

Anyways, besides that it has been great still. We taught Ken and Toni tithing saturday afternoon, and brought the bishops first counselor, Jeff Bray, and his wife and they brought their two kids along as well. Ken and Toni have 4 year-old Jessica, and Jeff and Laura have a 4 year old daughter Lilly, so those two are like best friends now. It was kind of a hectic and really long teach, but overall it went great. I try to put myself in their shoes, and I think it would be incredibly hard to commit to giving 10% of my income up especially during hard times, but they commited to pay tithing and I'm just always amazed with their testimonies and the faith that they show. We really hope they stick with their commitment as well. Things really do look good at the moment, they just need to get married now which does take some time. They are facing opposition, but they are overcoming it.

Actually our bishop talked to President Shamo, and President Shamo told him that he was planning on moving Elder Simmons until like the last minute, and he decided to let him stay right at the end of the transfer process. I know that was the right choice. The investigators here need Elder Simmons. He really is a great missionary and a great trainer.

But I can relate to Riley and his friends being annoyed at times with each other. There are some things he does that irritate me, but I think that inevitable in any companionship and its probably a lot just due to the fact that I'm living with him 24/7. But we get along really well. Ive met a lot of missionaries who I can tell I would not get along with very well at all. Im sure I'll have to serve with some of them eventually, and that will be a real test.
Those tapes sound awesome. I can't wait to watch those, getting them digitalized is a good idea. I miss Vinny and that riverbend cul-de-sac gang we used to have.

Im sure Riley and his friends will game and mess around for a few weeks, but luckily the first few weeks of school are really easy and I bet after they adjust they will crack down and really work hard.

Whats the house like with me and Riley gone? Is it a lot different?

Ya i've been talking to alyssa about her athletics. Sounds like she is doing great. With me and riley gone I guess its up to Jackson to protect her from any joker guys that like her.

That is tough for Jack. I remember when I played soccer how when I joined a new team even though I was good enough at tryouts to make a higher team they just placed me on the middle team because no one knew who I was. But Im sure he will be fine after his first season.

Mom told me about Noah. Thats crazy he is skipping a grade.

It hasn't been too long since I last wrote, and not too much has happend. We did find a new investigator, this Jamaican lady named Tasha. Cornwall is like the whitest place on earth. I have seen like 5 people that aren't white here. But we met Tasha knocking doors a few weeks ago and she invited us in yesterday and we got to teach her about the restoration. We're going golfing with Ken again today. He loved it last time. We invited josh to come as well but he is working. Were going over to their place at 6 though to make them american pancakes. And they invited us to go bowling with them this week...

Well thanks for the emails as always. I love hearing how things are going back home. Keep Cornwall in your prayers

Love Elder Steed

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