Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 9, 2011

Thats great Riles made it home this weekend. How is he doing in school so far?

How did thanksgiving go for you guys? We had dinner at a members house last night, and they somehow knew it was Canadian thanksgiving so they had all these thanksgiving decorations out and although they didn't make a turkey (they made enchiladas) they did make an apple pie and it was really nice.

I can't believe Dad stole your topic. What a guy. But I have to be honest, I like your new one better. I really am still just starting out on my journey to build a testimony of the Book of Mormon. In my personal study for the past probably 5 weeks, I have done nothing except read from the Book of Mormon, and really study it. I'm now in the second chaper of 2 Nephi. I think so far I have had my testimony grow in tiny increments. I haven't had a huge spiritual witness that it is true, but I just know it is. I think I really realized that I did this week as we taught Ken. He had heard some things and read some things about Joseph Smith that he was questioning, and as I told him of my testimony of the BoM, which proves Joseph Smith was called of God, I realized I wasn't just saying it but that I really meant it.

In terms of my 3 day study, that starts tommorow. I am also fasting for three days in row while I do it. I really want it to be meaningful, and if only your talk was in 2 Sundays so that I could tell you of my experiences. I know it will be a really great thing and will help me a lot.

I can't remember if you mentioned the scripture 2 Tim 3:7 the other week, but I feel like you did. That is a great scripture. As members of the church, myself included, we often look at physical proofs of the BoM. Like different scrolls that were uncovered in the middle east with many BoM names, or remains of horses and steel found in America pre-Columbus, and all these other things you hear that people say prove the BoM. There is nothing wrong with learning about these things, but it really should be so much simpler to gain a testimony of this book. Anyone who reads it and prays about it with an open heart will know that it's true. And this physical testimony will never hold up under any sort of pressure.

There is so much in the Book of Mormon. I think so far my favourite chapter is 1 Nephi 16. There is just so much in that chapter, I have read it multiple times. If you are ever at a time when you need guidance or direction, I would recommend reading that chapter.

I don't know it that helps at all, but there isn't much more I can say about it. Thats really too bad about Chad. Tyler has been keeping me updated on that whole situation a little bit as well the last couple of weeks. He will be in my prayers, and I would love to email him. I'm sure sis. Hardy is really struggling. There just isn't much you can do about that, he has to make that choice to come back or to keep moving away. And how are things going with Sean these days? He hasn't emailed in a couple of weeks.

Have fun today at Thanksgiving. Give the Skinner clan my love. Eat a drumstick for me. Keep a close eye on Alyssa. I think she is a lot like me. Probably too much like me for her own good.

Good luck with the talk. You'll be in my prayers.

Love Elder Steed

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