Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 16, 2011

Hey Dad,

I think Ive only heard you speak like once. I remember it being really good though, so I'm sure it went really well on sunday. Oh, and by speak I mean give a talk. I have heard you speak more than once. Mom said it went really good.

So you're the newest ward missionary? I was ward missionary in my ysa ward, but I didn't really do anything. However, hopefully you will be able to get out on some teaches with the missionaries because I think members always enjoy it and it also really helps the investigators. Even if it does seem really inconvenient to make time for it. I'm sure you will love it, and hopefully you have some good missionary stories to share with me these next few weeks!

Sounds like alyssa did great. You gotta get Riley to teach her some of the finer points of running strategy though. Or actually you could probably teach her yourself.

I haven't got an email from sean in a few weeks now, hopefully he is still doing good. Texting him is a good idea I think. And I am very upset to hear about the flames doing so poorly. It would feel wrong including them in my prayers but I might have to. Although the last thing I want is for them to win a cup with me not there.

My Book of Mormon reading was not really what I expected. I ended up only fasting the third day of it, I just didn't think I could actually fast 3 days back to back. And the white handbook says only to fast on fast Sunday, so I didn't want to overdo it. But in terms of my actual reading of it, I think my problem was I went into it expecting a huge spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon. I didn't get one. As I read there were times when I felt the spirit, and I gained insight from the spirit I had never thought of before. But there was nothing incredible. I was a little bit upset by this, and I know I shouldn't be. We're always telling investigators not to expect a 'first vision' experience, just to listen for a quiet confirmation. I guess I had just felt like I did everything right, and I followed Moroni 10:1-5 exactly. I think I was praying for well over an hour after I finished it on the Thursday.I didn't understand why I didn't have some experience where I just knew the Book of Mormon was true. Luckily on Friday we had zone training, and President Shamo came down and we had a day where he helped our zone with various things, and then we all had interviews with him. In mine mostly all we talked about was the 3 day Book of Mormon study I had done. He mostly just told me not to worry, and that my testimony will continue to grow with time. I realized that I have had past experiences that have helped me to know that it is true. He helped me to realize just how much the study actually had helped me. It was the first time I had truly read the Book of Mormon, and it all just makes so much more sense now. Its like all the pieces just fit together and I can see it as a whole book, not just a collection of different stories.

So to be honest I was a little disappointed by this study. I think it is mostly due to unrealistic expectations though. At the same time, it really did help to strengthen my understanding of the Book of Mormon, which must be something that I needed.

I just thought of a question for you, how did you come to know the Book of Mormon was true?

I realized the other day I have been out for over three months now, and we still haven't baptized anyone. We need to do so much better, and we already work really hard so I think it will come from working more effectively and more through inspiration. I can't wait to get the advice all of you wrote for me that night I was set apart.

This will be the last time I write until next Wednesday, which is transfer day. I can't believe my second transfer is almost over. Time is so much different as a missionary.

Thanks for the prayers, and congrats to the newest ward missionary of the Sundance ward

Love Elder Steed

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