Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 16, 2011

Sorry, I don't have long to write this week. Elder Simmons keeps distracting me. Thanks for sending your talk, Ill make sure to read it.
Sounds like things are still going well at home. Thanks so much for those photos! I loved seeing all you guys! Oh, and is that Logan Draycott alyssa is sitting with in that one like couples photo at fish creek park you sent me?

I can't believe Jackson is learning the french horn... that is ridiculous. Didn't dad used to play that as well?

Thats a funny calling you got. Should be easy though, but im sure once the leadership of the ward gets to know you they will keep calling you to bigger and better things. Not that any calling is small or less important though, of course.

Haha how do you make the Elders like it at our house? I don't know... I think you always will have the whole where are you from discussion. I think I like it most when we go to members houses and they just feel casual, like not having to worry about what they think or trying to hard to make us feel welcome. And of course it just gets better each time you go, and you start talking with them at church and then just really get to know them and become friends and just build a good relationship. Hopefully they aren't wasters or just really awkward. I'm really interested to hear how it goes and what you think, let me know for next week.

I haven't really grown that much. I think it is mostly just my whole life I have coasted through putting in very little effort and still being very successful in a lot of things. That doesn't work out here, so I think I'm just finally having to learn how to work hard or whatever. It's different, but I really do enjoy this life most days.

This week wasn't too exciting. I did the three day BoM study, I talked about that in Dad's letter. Then we had zone training on Friday, and so we really only had a couple of days to do real missionary work. So we didn't teach a lot of lessons this week, and we didn't find any new people, but It was still a good week and I think it was an important week in terms of my personal development. We had this one girl we were trying to teach out in Penzance this week, but she bailed on the teach last minute like three times so we are done with her. She kept coming up with really lame excuses. Josh and Stephanie have been too busy to see this week, havent been to church the last two weeks, and haven't answered our calls, so we are a little concerned about them. Josh actually just texted us like ten minutes ago, so hopefully we can get things back on track with them. Ken and Toni are doing amazing still. They are having some friends from their old church over tonight for a movie night, and are planning on telling their friends about their choice to get baptized. They are really worried it won't go well, so please include them in your prayers especially today!!

I got the package you sent over, thanks so much for that. That one gray long sleeved t-shirt is like the coolest t-shirt you have ever bought me. I really like it. And I loved getting all the sweets and stuff. Oh, and yes I am allowed to listen to Disney. We can listen to a lot of stuff I didn't think we were allowed to. And we are allowed to have iPod touches in this mission. And we all have portable DVD players. So it is a pretty up-to-date mission in terms of technology.

I'll have Elder Simmons keep sending the photos. Transfer date is coming up on Oct. 27, so we could only have about a week left together. I would like to stay here, but at the same time I wouldn't mind going somewhere else. Either way, we both have a feeling that we are going to be split up this time.

Also, I asked dad last week about what he thinks of me getting an electric razor, a sat-nav, and also about you guys sending me the thing from southland registries saying that I passed my test in a standard car. Can you remind him please?

Thanks so much for everything, I hope you guys have another great week,

Love Elder Steed

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