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Oct 9, 2011


Were you guys playing that game where you write a question on one side of the paper than an answer on the other? I remember when we played that one time and you just started laughing hysterically about something someone said about the initials B.M. and you were just thinking of bowel movement and cracked up for like an hour. Anyways, I think I know how you feel about wanting to get to bed after a hard call shift. I went to bed at 10 last night instead of 1030, I was just exhausted. I have adjusted somewhat and have no problem waking up early anymore, but Im still just constantly tired.

Ya other than golf there really isn't much to do in Arizona. Speaking of shopping though, I'm considering making a few larger purchases. I kind of want to get a nice electric razor, and a gps (sat-nav as they call it here) for the car. Let me know what you think, I realize they are quite expensive.

Also, I forgot to mention last week that I got the package you guys sent! Thanks so much for that, I'm using that little book of object lessons to teach a lesson tonight and I ate one of the eat-mores which was delicious. I asked for jello because I thought they didn't have it here, but turns out they do they just call it jelly, so now I really don't have any use for it. I really just wanted some American food/things that they dont have here to give to people. Everyone loves the Kool-aid we give them though. And the cheezies. You actually didn't send me a letter in that package, but everyone else did. The thing is, by the time I got the letters, they were like 3 weeks past and I had already heard about all that stuff on emails. Did you guys get the package with chocolate I sent over yet?

I like to try and stay positive in my emails, but I just thought I would mention that Tuesday this week was the worst/longest day of my mission. We had nothing planned, so we just did finding all day. We knocked doors, stopped by people who said we could come back, and tried to see a less active lady. We had literally no success though. It was one of those really tough days where we really didn't accomplish anything. And the less active lady cancelled on us. I think it might have partly been it was just really dreary weather as well, but I was pretty down that day. The week got better from there though. We had a zone meeting in Plymouth on Wednesday where the zone leaders and stake president talked to us, which was really good and spiritually rebuked me for a couple of small things I'm not doing or should be doing better at. We also stopped by this lady Sheena, who is in the navy. She was really cool, she has looked into a bunch of churches but has always just been confused about why there are so many and why they don't seem to get along. We taught her about the restoration, and left her a BoM and a challenge to read it and pray about it. She left to go to Birmingham for a week, but we are seeing her next Friday. She was very sincere about reading it, and told us if she gets an answer she will be knocking our door down to let her join our church. This was really good, because we went and taught her like literally 2 minutes after one of our investigators Zoe texted us and told us she didn't want to see us anymore. So it helped pick us back up. The Lord seems to always be working like that.

We also have seen Ken and Toni a bunch this week. Things with them are still going good, they are still trying to sort of wedding arrangements and figure out when they are going to tell their friends. We had to push their baptism date back quite a bit. Ken also always has really deep questions do we have had to go into deeper doctrine then you usually would before baptism, but we are going to go back to square one and re-teach the first 3 lessons. We are actually going in a couple of hours to this gym he works at and he is going to do some MMA training with us. He says he will show us how to defend ourselves if we get mugged our whatever. He is like an insane martial artist so I'm pretty excited for that.

We also finally taught Josh and Stephanie again, brought along a member of the bishopric with us. They are doing great still, we just tried to emphasize the importance of the BoM and building their testimonies. It is always really powerful to have a member with us to share their testimony so they can hear it from another witness. However Stephanies family from Norway is at their house, so they weren't able to make it to church.

We taught the Mitchells again last night, just dropped by because she always says she is busy when we text her. So we stopped by and for the first time had a really good chat with the dad, John. He is a really funny guy, and we are going back over to see them again tonight.

After church yesterday we went into Penzance to teach this girl Naomi at her grandma's house, but apparently Naomi forgot so we had to reschedule to Tuesday night. We went and taught Chris instead, so it wasn't a total waste of time. It's like a 30 minute drive to get out there.

We also did another exchange this week. I was in Redruth for the day with Elder Palmer. Me and him are like best friends and worked really hard but also had a really fun time together. I would love to serve with him at some point, but he only has like 6 months left so we probably wont.

We did my favourite service project so far with this organization called Shelterbox on Saturday. They are like a disaster relief charity, and we went over to this airbase and helped them set up these big tents they use in areas after like tsunamis and earthquakes or whatever. The calibre of people that are working for Shelterbox is just amazing. They were all just like the coolest people and most genuinely nice, good people I think I have met. The only down side was that the BBQ they promised us afterwards was just a sardine with some chutney on top, and the sardine had its spine and all the bones still attached. So it was nasty, but I ate it anyways.

Thats pretty much my week. We've been having a lot of fun today trying to get a hard-boiled egg into a glass bottle. It's part of the object lesson we are teaching to the Mitchells tonight. It works by throwing a match into the bottle and then putting the egg on the mouth of the bottle and having it get sucked in. We weren't having enough suction, so we pried the top of one of Elder Simmons' cologne bottles and dumped a bunch of cologne into the bottle, and then tossed the match it and the egg on top. I think this was too much suction and too small of an opening, because the egg just exploded. So we are still trying to fine-tune things.

Good luck with the talk. Sounds like you have some really good ideas. I still don't even know if I'm feeling the spirit of not most of the time, unless it is really obvious. And its true, I really can't describe the feeling I get when I feel the spirit, although I often try to explain it to investigators. Its different for everyone I guess. If you end up writing a copy of your talk out, you should send it to me, I would love to read it. Also, I could still use something from Southland registries saying that I passed my driving test in a manual if you can get it.

Thanks for your prayers,
Love Elder Steed

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