Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 23, 2011

I have to admit, I never did enjoy Sunday's all that much. But now, they are like my favourite day. I love going to church, and teaching gospel principles and just interacting with all the great ward members. I'm on like a first name basis with everyone in the ward (they don't call me Tanner though...) and just feel at home in this ward. The new weekend I have to look forward to is the Sunday/Monday weekend, church then p-day. Things are way different out here.

Thats good you are getting to know more people in the ward, I'm sure you will fit in there in no time. Especially with your guy's new callings. Actually I forgot to ask dad how is new calling as ward missionary is going. Has he done anything with that yet?

I was really interested to hear how the dinner went with the Elders this week. I'm glad it went well. Hopefully you can keep getting to know them. How is Riley doing? Keeping his grades up?

I'm sure you will do great with your talk. We actually both talked again this week in church, they let us know like Thursday morning so we had to scramble to prepare. We both mostly just winged it. We each were just asked to speak about one of the Saviours parables, so I talked about the Sower. It went alright, a little bit disjointed though.

I thought you guys never stopped for hitchhikers... that is kind of a crazy story though.

Ya Toni showed me the email like an hour ago when we were at their place. Thanks so much for writing her back and sharing your testimony with her. They are such a great family. Actually it was really funny on Sunday, Jessica came up and wanted to give me and Elder Simmons a hug before she left church, so she did but then quickly kissed me on the cheek and then ran away all embarrassed. Its an English thing I guess. Actually another funny story about her, we were at their house earlier this week, and Ken had brought out these like 4 samurai swords he had upstairs for us to look at. They were pretty cool, and we had them out of the sheaths and stuff. It was Jessicas 4th bday recently as well, so she still had some balloons lying around the house. Ken tossed one of the balloons up in the air and I sliced it with the Samurai sword and popped it. Jessica just burst out into tears and was crying for like the next ten minutes. I felt so bad. And then when we were there next, Elder Simmons was making her laugh a lot, I forget what he was doing, but then all of a sudden she just like stopped and got all serious faced, and said 'I pee myself' and then started crying and ran to the bathroom. She is so funny.

Otherwise, It has been a good and bad week. I'll just get the bad out of the way. Josh and Stephanie texted us and told us with the pregnancy and everything else, they are just too busy and don't want to have the discussions anymore. It was pretty gutting. We hope in a few months we can see them again though. And then on Friday we stopped by two of our investigators in Falmouth, both of whom we were really hopeful about, but both of them pretty much dropped us. Phil said he wanted to read the whole new testament, then the whole BoM, and that we should call him in 2 months. And then Sheena told us that she spoke with a church of Englad vicar and he told her that she doesn't need to have a specific religion, just as long as she has a belief and lives a good life. So she said she was no longer interested in joining our church, whereas like 2 weeks ago she said she would join as soon as she knew the BoM was true. And I had a really rough day earlier in the week... but it is kind of a funny story. We had a dinner appointment at 6 with a family in the ward and a service project at 3 with a member. Turns out that the member who we were helping in the garden thought she was supposed to feed us as well... so we ate a huge meal with her at 5. She figured after all our hard work we needed a huge meal, so she made us each 2 hamburgers, we split an entire pizza, and we had a bunch of salad. And desert. Then we travelled directly to the next dinner appointment, where we were a bit late so we sat down to eat immediatly. And I was stuffed going into this. She put down a bowl of vegetable soup in front of us, and I'm like 'Yes! I can do this.' So i barely get the soup down, and I was really excited that I did it. But then she comes back out with a heaping plate full of shepards pie and potatoes and carrots. Like a massive amount of food. I was so sick. I was like a zombie, I couldn't speak or think about anything other than getting the food into my stomach. Then she brought out this huge dish of fruit salad which I had to get down. I was a mess. I immediately asked to go to the bathroom, where for the first time on my mission I just destroyed someone's bathroom. I won't even say how many times I had to go to the bathroom in the next 48 hours. And then as we were sharing a spiritual thought after dinner, I was just layed back, completely sprawled on the sofa on the verge of puking, just in agony. Elder Simmons wasn't in much better shape, but gave a quick spiritual thought and then we got out of there. We had to climb a big hill to our car but I didn't think I would make it up so I made Elder Simmons go up and then come pick me up. I can't even describe how much pain my stomach was in. I still don't know If i have completely recovered from it.

Well actually, I am out of time. I got to wrap this up, and I haven't even got to the good parts of my week yet. Anyways, I am doing great out here. I am enjoying myself, and we are finding lots of good things to do here to both strengthen the ward and find new people to bring into the church. We have been doing lots of service as well, which I really love. We have been helping this father and son split wood for their business, which I really enjoy and I am getting much better with an axe.

I love you guys, thanks for everything,

Elder Steed

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