Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 8, 2011

Thanks Dad, things are going great here. The field is white here. The ward is great and our knocking has been fairly succesful so far. The only problem is old people who aren't actually interested, they are jsut really bored and just like to come have us talk to them because they have nothing else to do. I have my meds pretty much figured out, I have been taking up to three different ones at times but now I am just down to this new prescription one I got here.

We fasted yesterday also and you guys were in my prayers.

The actual address is 155 Pendene Park, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0SL. Its not the nicest place but it is much better than i expected. We spent a lot of time cleaning it up this morning. My bed is kind of old though.

Actually what would be awesome is if you guys ever send me a package to include some things like cheetos, kool-aid, jello because they dont have any of those things here. Also if you remembe those 2 books we had that were all object lessons for teaching like FHE and stuff i could really use one of those for teaching young families. And a disney CD or two would be great to play in our car as we drive all over the place. I think we have the biggest area in the mission in terms of acutal area, not people.

Try to keep writing. These emails are a highlight every week.

Thanks for all the support.

Love Elder Steed

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