Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 14, 2011

Okay it says you sent that about 6 hours ago, so I was actually doing some scripture study. I actually memorized DnC 122:7-9 this morning. Its a great scripture for hard times. And this week was pretty tough. We did a lot of knocking but didn't really have much sucess. We would knock for 3 hours some days and not find a single new investigator. Its hard work, as you already know, and I don't think ive ever been this tired.

But the Lord is blessing us and every time I feel like I can't do anymore, or knock on another door, the Lord will provide a spark to keep me going. Early in the week, we were knocking around an navy housing complex, so everyone who lived there was in the navy. Most of these navy guys have seen some horrible stuff and seem to not believe there could be a God because of it. Not much was really happening, but then we knocked on a door and this young girl answered who was probably in her early twenties. We talked to her for a bit, and found out she had just moved here from Norway with her new husband. I guess her mom is a member of the church and she was raised in a mormon home. She said the only reason she wasn't baptized was that her step-dad wouldn't let her. She said she didn't know there was a church in this area but she wants to start coming. She lived in London for a couple months before she moved to Cornwall and had been going to church there. And her husband josh seemed really cool and open to hearing about our message and coming to church also.

It was such a boost to my testimony. The ward here needs young families and this was an answer to our prayers. We are going to their house tommorow at 230, and we hoping for the best.

One of the families we are teaching, Ken and Toni, are in their mid-twenties and are really interested in the gospel. I cant remember if i mentioned them in my last email or not. We have taught them all the plan of salvation and about faith, repentance and baptism, and they are genuinely interested. They ask amazing questions and they read the book of mormon every night. They are slighly uncomfortable praying but they are getting better at it each time we see them. They have a four-year old daugther Jessica who is the cutest little kid. The last time we taught them was amazing. We explained the holy ghost, and they both told us that they had felt these feelings of warmth and peace and comfort as we have taught them lessons and as they have read the book or mormon. I have really high hopes for this family.

The ward members here are amazing. Almost every lesson we teach we are getting a member to come out with us. One of the members here, Brett, is an RM and a jewler. Ken had a broken watch and he took it to his shop and fixed it for him for free. I think that little things like that can often make all the difference.

We have a few other people we are focused on. One of the guys Chris, who lives in Penzance has been investigating the church for 9 years. He knows the scriptures inside and out but he can't quit smoking. We are trying to help him with this and we call him every night and ask him how many he has smoked that day. So far he has cut down from about 25 to 10. We also are teaching the family of a less active lady with a 10 year old daugther. She said she would be baptized but im not feeling to good about it, and she doesn't really have a desire to be baptized or go to church or anything, she just isn't bothered by it either way.

Those are pretty much the 4 solid people we are focused on right now. Most of our other time is spent trying to find more people to teach, as 4 isnt that many. This district hasnt had a baptism for over a year, but me and Elder Simmons have set a goal of baptizing 6 people this transfer. Its a lot, but we know with the Lords help and guidance we can do it.

Good luck with your books. I'm going to take a nap, to catch up on my last two weeks of not-laziness.

Thanks for your love and great example.

Love Elder Steed

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