Friday, August 5, 2011

Aug 5, 2011

I just got to my area. I got to the temple in London two days ago. We spent one night there and then yesterday started off on the long drive to cornwall. Its about a 6 hour drive, but we stopped in bristol to drop some guys off, then in estex to drop off one of the sisters pieces of luggage and some mail, then our zone leaders had their car filled with petrol but it is a diesel car so they got stranded and we had to go pick them up and drove to plymouth where we spent the night at their flat. We got in at about 1130 at night. I had to sleep on the floor. My allergies are horrible here. But anyways we woke up and studied and stuff, and then at 1130 am two other elders finally arrived in plymouth so we picked them up and drove them to the area right next to ours. We just arrived in our area, Helston, Cornwall. We had an appointment at 6 but they just cancelled and so now all we have tonight is a dinner appointment at 5 and then we will be knocking on doors. My trainer is Elder Simmons. He is great and is the district leader of this area. So far we seem fairly similar in intrests and mannerisms, so I think we will get along really good. My p-day is monday now, so make sure to send emails before sunday or I wont get them. I'm just going now to check out my flat. Apparently it is a real house with a washer and dryer, so its one of the better ones.

Love Elder Steed

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