Friday, August 5, 2011

Aug 2, 2011

We have been taught that recently the biggest change in missionary work is that before we convert the investigators, we have to convert the missionaries. That is really the focus of PMG. And so far through studying this book and the scriptures, I think my testimony really has gotten stronger. Its an amazing book, I don't know why I never bothered reading it before my mission. Actually make sure to have Riley read chapter 3 and get a basis for all the lessons before he leaves. Also have him read chapter 10. So far I would say they are the most important.

I really appreciated the times you told me about your mission before I left. I told a couple guys about your roomate that disapeared in the middle of the night and they thought it was crazy.

There are some really funny guys here. One of the Elders today mentioned that he hopes a natural disaster strikes England soon so that he can have a break for a couple days. I found out yesterday that I am the youngest guy in our district and one of the youngest here. There are a lot of guys who don't end up leaving until like 20 or 21.

Have fun working and at the cabin. I wish I could go backpacking with you guys, I'm going to miss the great outdoors.

Love Elder Steed

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