Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May 13, 2012

Hey, I am at the library in Guernsey. It is such a sweet place. We are right beside the ocean right now, I can look out the window at the library and see the beach. It is really sunny and warm. We have like 6 families investigating but most of them aren't married which is a problem. My companion is Elder Martins, he is from Portugal but lived in London for like 8 years. So far he seems pretty cool but everyone is cool the first few days. I bought a new raincoat on sale, it was 60 pounds. It should get me through next winter though. I was only allowed to bring 20 kg with me, because we had to fly over. So I left almost everything at the mission office. I have like a tshirt, a pair of shorts, pajamas, one pair of shoes, one towel, just all the basic stuff. I left like 60-70kg of my stuff at the office. The flat here is way nicer, we are renting a room from a non-member family that have lds relatives in England somewhere. We don't use pounds here--we use Guernsey pounds. It looks like Monopoly money. It is like a different country. Out on the street it seems like every other person is speaking in French. Yesterday we did contacting and knocking for like 4 hours and everyone here is really nice for English people. Most of the white English people in Slough were really rude and wouldn't talk to us, but here everyone is white and they were all really nice. We got like 8 people's addresses and phone numbers. The bad news is last night Dumbaru got drunk again. I have been promised that I can fly back to Slough for their baptism, but at this rate I'm not to sure it will happen. Well, I didn't bring my suit with me as it weighed to much, and so I am off to go look for one for my early birthday present. Hope you guys have a great week! I also sent you a postcard, hopefully that will arrive this week.
Love Elder Steed

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