Wednesday, October 24, 2012

July 29, 2012

Hey dad,
I just looked on the calendar on my phone and calculated it and I am pretty sure that July 3 is my final day. And I also read that on the office computer when I was there a couple of weeks ago. So I am pretty sure.
Did you ever train someone on your mission? Do you remember it? And have you ever visited any of the people you met on your mission? Or any of your companions? Do you stay in contact with them? Simmons is going home next week, I know it is unlikely that we will ever like hang out all the time, but I really hope I can get down to Idaho next summer and see him. I think his dad is flying out Ken and Toni next summer as well at a time that I can make it, and I am really excited for that.
Between BLC, the camping trip, our Europe tour, my Idaho trip, and family reunions, I think I am going to be really busy. Hopefully We can get a system where I can manage BLC over the phone and through emails and online so I don't always have to be in Calgary to make it happen. I am also thinking that if I can do that, I can move up to UofA for school and try to open another BLC branch in Edmonton and start getting it growing in two big cities. Thanks for the advice about school and career and everything. It is such a big choice and it is a tough one to make. The new mission president is a heart surgeon so I'm sure I could guess what his advice would be.
Thanks for the update on Ryan's dating life. How do you even find people online? Like dating sites? I always find those stories awesome.
I'm sure he will find someone eventually. And Lindsey too. I just thought of when she tried to get home from DeWinton and ended up in Forest Lawn. Classic.
The men's camp really has changed... I don't know whether I prefer the old fishing camp or the new dirt-biking camp. I think I would like it if it were a bit of both.
Some more reactine would actually be really nice. I think I have about a month's worth left and then I'm out again.
So I'll just give a quick update on the work here.
The mission president came over on saturday to finally meet us. He stayed until Sunday afternoon. We had a great time together. When he first arrived he somehow started talking to a family and got all their details. They are a young married couple with a young daughter who said they would like it if we would come visit them. That was sweet.
We went on 4 teaches with the President and his wife on Saturday. One of the a lady named Ursula accepted a baptism date for Sept. 8, and at another one one of our investigators Luke started telling the president that he is addicted to procreation and so living the law of chasity is really hard for him. He told sis. Millar a story mainly focusing on how he goes commando all the time and getting 'pantsed' by people. These are the oldest mission president couple in the world and they were a little taken aback. I was busting up laughing this whole teach but trying to conceal it. It was so funny. You never know what you will get when you go teach Luke and Louise.
We also got a referral from sis. Lingad, the branch president's wife, and we taught her. She is a lonely Portugese lady who likes to talk but might have some potential. We might have the senior couple here handle that one. We finished the teaches at 9, and we were all hungry so he took us to this really posh steakhouse and told us we need to get something nice. I got a filet mignon, and it was delicious.
Literally the only good steak I have had in this country. Bernaise sauce. And the Millars couldn't finish what they ordered so they sent it back with us and we had it for lunch on Sunday. That was the first time I have ate out in Guernsey. We also re-established contact with a bunch of our investigators who had disapeared or gone on holiday. We contaced 5 people yesterday who we hadn't seen or heard from in 2-3 weeks. 2 of them let us in to teach them and one of them chatted with us outside for like 15 minutes. He is a 19 year old guy who promised to read the whole BoM before next Sunday. We will see. So Elder Erickson is really happy. It is nice to have some things get going again. If we can get a few people to start teaching more regularily, it will make all the difference. The bad news is that still no one is coming to church. Only Luke came yesterday. That is always frustrating.
So that is about it. Enjoy the week without the kids.
Love Elder Steed
Also, what size of shirt do you and mom wear?

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