Wednesday, October 24, 2012

July 28, 2012

Sounds like you guys are staying busy. As always. I was talking to one of the ladies we are teaching who is a single mom with 2 kids and I told her about how you always felt like a Taxi driver and never had a moment to rest and I think she felt the same. So enjoy this relaxing time you have with all the kids gone. And I also have learned a bit of similar history... there is a great talk you might like. It is called 'why 1820'. Here is a link.
It talks a lot about the great apostasy and the catholic and protestant churches and everything. I really liked it.
I'm sure the Eureka cabins will be great for the family reunion.
Hopefully I'll be around for that.
Sean sent me the funniest email about his visit to our house. Noah was apparently cracking some classic NHL jokes. He didn't mention Melissa being there as well though. Also pretty funny about the old uncles photo. I'm glad Sean is still doing relatively good. I can't wait to get back and see that guy.
Landon will do fine there. I hear they treat missionaries there like a celebrity and people actually baptize a lot and love it there. I'll have to email him when I get a minute. But I seem to not have to many spare mintues lately.
My companion is not Elder Peterson. That was 2 companions ago haha. My son is Elder Erickson. He is getting quite discouraged and frustrated so I am not really able to be feeling discouraged. I am staying positive and trying to keep him happy. He is actually doing quite a bit better the last few days. We work really hard and we don't really see much success and he is struggling with that. He expected things to just happen and to come easy. I think I felt really similar when I was being trained. But don't worry about us. I'm used to it and things really started to pick up the last 2 days. I'll mention that more in Dad's email.
Thanks for the email. It was a really good one today, I like to hear how everyone is doing back home. Is Riley still excited to go?
Well the zone leaders and 2 other missionaries from the mainland are coming over in just over an hour. They are catching the ferry. It will be the first time I have seen another Elder in over a month. So I'm pretty excited. We are going on a walk along some cliffs by the ocean and eating the amazing Guernsey ice cream. I should get some good photos.
Love Elder Steed

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