Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aug 26, 2012

Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure this week. So did my package for Riley not arrive yet? The scripture is actually Joshua 7 13 not 7 15 like I said in my email last week. Sounds like great lessons at church. I am sure katianne's uncle was awesome. And I actually have a few talks prepared just in case. The one I have most recently prepared was a talk on happiness. I am actually really looking forward to a chance where I can share it. And I am also in the thought process of preparing a talk about speed bumps. Because they are everywhere here.
And you ate a hotdog! Wow. Did you know that in this country hotdogs come in cans or jars and are always in this water stuff? So I don't like them as much. Also, I ate cottage cheese for the first time ever this week. It was at a D.A. so I had to eat all of it. So nasty. I don't know how you eat that stuff. 
16 days! Wow. I guess we all knew this would eventually happen, we would both be out at the same time, but I think it has always seemed so far away that it never really seemed like a reality. It is going to be really cool to watch Riley go through the MTC and then his first few months in the field and stuff. He will do great. 
Thanks for the photos. They were really great. And we meant to email a bit earlier. But we were in a crazy lesson. We have been teaching this catholic portugese lady who speaks very poor english. And I think she is not even that literate in portugese. But we talked to her last week about being baptized, and she said no she had already been baptized as a catholic and her parents would not want her to do it again. So we just said pray about it. Today, at the end of the lesson, I asked if she prayed about it. And she had. And she said she feels like her parents did the best they knew how when she was a baby and baptized her, but now she knows more and she knows her parents would want her to be baptized into this church, so she will do it! She asked if we could do it this weekend. Haha we had to push it back into the middle of September, and even that is going to be tough to cover everything by then. Her name is Bernadette and she is really funny and a bit crazy but she is pretty cool. 
So because of the lateness of the time, I don't have time to write a lot. I will mention a few other funny things of this week in dad's email. We have a branch fhe at the branch presidents house in about 40 minutes. We are actually at his house right now emailing, but we need to go to an investigators house and walk with her up here so she can find it. So ya, hopefully you guys have a great week.
Oh, just as a side note. My companion got 10 handwritten letters and a package this week. I got nothing. Everyone says in your last 6 months people start to write to you again. I hope they are right. Don't feel you need to send anything though. Just make sure to send Riley lots of stuff at the first. It helps a lot those first few months. 
Love Elder Steed

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