Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aug 26, 2012

Well you have about 730 days until both of us are home again. So keep counting haha. But I really only have about 10 months left which is pretty crazy. 
So my feelings about Guernsey... I love it here, I love the people and the branch and my companion and everything, but I am getting a bit 'transfer trunky.' Next transfer day is three weeks on wednesday, and to be honest I am really hoping I get back to the mainland for that one. I will have finished training Erickson and have done over 4 months here.   I think I could maybe survive one more transfer. I mean, I'll serve anywhere the Lord wants, but I just hope he needs me back in England. It is really hard to serve here, especially with a new missionary. I think he has considered throwing in the towel a couple of times, only to realize he is from Utah and if he goes home he will be a social outcast for the rest of his life. A lot of pressure is on this kid. I tell him that serving here is no different than any other area and that he needs to stop thinking that when he gets to a new area life will be easier. But I am telling him that mostly because it is what he needs to here. Life as a missionary actually is a lot easier and more fun on the mainland. But there have been things here I have learned and experienced that I could never have learned anywhere else. So I am grateful for that. 
That does sound like an awesome week. I want to cram so much in next summer, but between family reunions and work I don't know how much I could really fit in.
And Noah was sick? Elder Erickson was also sick. Holly's three kids were really sick one day when we visited them and Erickson is really paranoid about getting sick, so he used hand sanatizer and stayed away from the kids and didn't touch anything. I was playing with the kids and never use hand sanitizer and in the end he got really sick and I was totally fine. So saturday after lunch he started puking and so we took the rest of the day off and he just slept and puked for the rest of the day. I was so bored. I will never understand missionaries who just want to sit in the flat all day. So boring. 
Also, Ursula dropped us this week. She said she is being tormented (by satan? I don't know who/what is tormenting her) as she is getting close to baptism so she can never see us again because it is too tough. And then like 3 days later, we get a knock on our door, and it is Ursula. Apparently she went over to a members house, who told her where we live, and she came with her daughter and brought us cupcakes. This marks like the 6th time she has dropped us and then un-dropped us. She is coming to the branch FHE tonight. So weird. 
Oh, something else awesome happened. We were out knocking, and met some people who had met Elders in the past. We chatted with them for a bit. One of them is a 20 year old guy Luke, and his finacee Gemma who is probably in her 30's and Gemma's brother Glenn. Glenn is a outspoken atheist who tried to convince us of the falsehood of god the whole time but Luke and Gemma were somewhat open. They are seriously nuts. Like Gemma has an attention span of less than 5 seconds. And as we left, they offered to give us their car. Gemma had an extra car, and it isn't insured at the moment, but she said we could drive it away and take it. It isn't the nicest car, but still. And then Glenn stopped trying to tell us there was no God and said we could take his car if we wanted. We're like what the heck? His car was actually nice. He said he is going to norway next week and we can borrow it until christmas. And they are dead serious. So we asked the President and he said he would get back to us soon if we can do it. I really doubt it but it would be cool. And then today Luke and Gemma dropped by our house (I don't know why everyone knows where we live... the past missionaries must have told them or something) and brought us like 5 really nice suits and drove off. I guess I'm not really complaining though. 
So ya, I really got to go now. But have  great week. Try not to die with all these adventures. Love 
Elder Steed

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