Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aug 5, 2012

Ya that stupid shift key really bothered me as well. I really want to save enough money in my account so when I get home I can buy a laptop and a phone. If I can get those 2 things I should be pretty sorted.
I'm trying to spend less money, I have just a couple more purchases for Christmas to make and then hopefully I can go the rest of the time without spending too much on there.
Did I catch a fish on that float we did? I seem to think I did but I can't really remember. Mom sounded like she really enjoyed the date.
Oh, and did you guys get an email from a random lady from Washington?
We were cyclying around and pulled over for a second to check the map and look at the ocean, and this random lady just walked up to us and said 'Hi elders, can I buy you dinner?' We are like 'Ya! Who are you?'
Turns out this lady is here on a cruise with her sister and her mom, they were probably in there 40's, and they are LDS. They were amazed to see Elders here and so we chatted with them for a bit and they bought us fish and chips so that was really nice. I gave them your email and they said they would email some photos.
Haha sounds like an awesome greenie. Mine is pretty funny as well. He has like 2 meals he learned to cook at college. It was nice at first because I had never had them, but beef stroganoff or fried rice gets old after a while. He is always trying to talk me into letting him make sloppy joes but that just sounds crazy. I have definitely realized that Utah is a whole different world. I guess you could argue it would be good to raise kids there. But I don't think I could ever live there.
So far I think it will really just be Simmons I will see after my mission. And Elder Palmer, but we didn't even serve together. He really helped me out a lot in my first few months and after Simmons left. But maybe like you said after you get home you just move on and get back into the real world and all the mission things that seemed so important really aren't anymore.
I can't believe Riley goes so soon. I really need to send him the stuff I have got for him. I am just waiting for one final item.
One last thing. One of the sisters in the district was accounting the other night, and she asked me if I knew any Byam's. Turns out she went through the MTC with McKay Byam. She knew we were both from Alberta and asked as a longshot. She asked if I could get his mission address because she wants to write him a letter. She is nearing the end of her mission. So I told her I would ask if you could find out from Barry or something what his address is. Thanks.
Have a good week,
Love Elder Steed

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