Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aug 12, 2012

yes that was a great start to your email. But did you really need to describe all that food you are eating too me? I haven't ate anything like that in 13 months now. It made me really hungry and really wanting some good North American food. But, Elder Erickson did cook us Hawaiin haystacks last night. That was actually really good. And we had a bbq for lunch and ate all of our mince (hamburger) that was about to expire. So we are eating all right.
This island has just been incredibly hot lately. You just always feel sticky and gross, especially when going around on the bikes. I think that the humidity really contributes to how hot it feels. Because this week, especially yesterday, was just so hot that it wasn't comfortable. It sucked the life out of me and I think we were cycling at like half of our normal speed.
My take on the great and abominable church... I think that it is referring to the Jehovah's witnesses. Haha just kidding. But there is a JW infestation on this island. Everyone thinks we are JW and are about to slam to door, but when we tell them we aren't they are usually really happy and will have a chat. I guess the JW knock this island to death. We have actually only ran into two of them. The first one whipped out her made-up JW bible and started trying to bash with me. The second one was really nice. But that week I went through my scriptures and found like 40 scriptures from the bible that really doctrinally prove that Jesus=Jehovah. So next time one wants to try to bash with me, they will be in for a suprise. Just kidding. Sort of. I don't like to argue/bash with people, but I just am really not fond of the JW religion at the moment especially if they provoke me.
Okay so back to the real question. I think that other churches are almost all really good. There are a few people we have run into that belong to other churches that aren't really that nice... but I imagine that it is just the individuals and their conduct really isn't a accurate reflection on the church as a whole. So as a whole, I think Christianity of any sect is a good thing. Although other churches are lacking the priesthood and a living prophet, they are helping people become better. So it is a really good question. I don't think I really have a good answer for you. The people in them are good and they are doing the best they can. I guess one possibility could be to look at the origins of the churches. Like the Catholic's or Church of England.
They were started on corrupt principles and ideals. Which would be of the devil. I don't think God believes Shakespeare when he said 'All's well that ends well.' So the foundation of these churches is not based on Jesus Christ, it is based on divorce or political power or greed or whatever, and so maybe that is why the Lord calls them abominable. I don't really know. Maybe you can do some research and tell me next week.
All these stories of life at the cabin make me miss it a little bit.
You are always having a great time there it sounds like. The prospect of coming home one day is seeming less like a dream and more like something that is actually going to happen. But 11 months is still a massive amount of time. It was crazy to see Simmons go. He apparently had a mental breakdown on his last week. Elder White said he was speaking in this southern-hick accent all week, and then on his last night he just started attacking people and his mood would go from laughing to really angry over the smallest things. He was asked to give the keys back to Elder White and just ran out of the office and into the night. He refused to give up the AP mobile phone. He took it home with him. But that might have been an accident. I just can't see that kid as anything other than a missionary. This was just his life, he was completly immersed in it and I don't think he thought of anything else. He is going to struggle to adjust back to the real world but he will do fine. I already miss him. Seems like most of the people I have gotten tight with are either home or leaving really soon.
So enjoy this time with Riley while you can. I'm sure this next 4 weeks will just fly by for you guys.
love Elder Steed

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