Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feb 19, 2012

Hey Mom,I didn't get many emails this week, so I have time for a good email. I can't imagine a branch of 5 people... what do they do when they have no visitors?
For the first few months I thought a mission was the hardest thing I had ever done. I thought Dad was crazy, because he always said how missions aren't hard. But it is actually somewhat true... there are just no worries out here. You don't have to worry about friends, or money, or your job, or homework, or anything like that. The only worry is really for the people you teach. But these last 5 weeks have just flown by, it feels like I have just got to Slough a week or two ago. I wouldn't say it is easy, but I would say that being a missionary is something that I honestly enjoy.So Riley and Amanda broke up but he still went and stayed with them? Weird. Sounds fun though. The Fairmont trip sounds awesome, I can't wait until I can snowboard and everything again. But ya, I imagine the May Long weekend trip being cancelled was not a popular decision... they are probably old enough that they could just go down by themselves and camp there if they really wanted to though. That's what I would want to do, May Long at Fairmont is classic.I'll talk about my week in dad's letter, but I guess if you are curious I can share some insights with you from my personal study. Every morning I study Preach My Gospel for 30 mintues, and then study the BoM for 30 mintues. It is slow going, but yesterday I studied 2 Nephi chapter 8. Obviously a lot of my insights might seem dumb or obvious, but I just try to break each chapter down verse by verse. verse 1: significance of family history. 3: The Lord will not only comfort the people of zion, he will make the area or land of zion comfortable. 4-8: Notice how many times the Lord (this chapter is Isaiah speaking as if he is the Lord) says the words me, my or mine. He is trying to help us understand him and tell us what he can do and what he will do. Then in verse 8 we learn that if we can understand him, we will not fear men. (for verse 5, see 1 Nephi 22:4). 9-11: Isaiah changes the point of view. He is now speaking on behalf of the children of Israel. They are offering a plea unto the Lord for help. Notice how the Lord 'wounded' and 'cut' Rahab (Egypt in the days of Moses) and the Dragon (satan) and didn't kill or destroy them. 12-15: The Lord answers the plea of the children of Israel. Trust the Lord, not in the arm of flesh. See 2 Nephi 4:34.16: Amazing missionary scripture. 20: See Revelations 11:1-12.21: See 2 Nephi 6:18. 23: The Lords people have been in spiritual bondage (notice the reference to the soul being asked to bow) as well as physical bondage. 24-25: If Zion (or Jerusalem, or the Children of Israel or whatever) remember the Lord, then they will come out on top. That's it, I think these Isaiah chapters are much deeper than the level I am at, but if you can see anything else really interesting in that chapter I would love to hear your or dad's insights. Love Elder Steed

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