Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feb 12, 2012

That seriously sounds like an amazing lesson you taught them. The video at the end with Janie and Connor sounds genius. The church needs more lessons like that, I'm sure the girls really appreciated how much time you put into that and I'm sure it went great. I don't have a ton of time to write. I was looking online with Elder Jones for the right swiss army knife, but I found a good one. I have met many people from India now. They all seem to just be really nice people. Especially the Seikhs. I'm really excited, as always, to hear about Rileys progress. The patriarachal blessing will be so good. I don't read mine nearly enough. And before he knows it he will have his mission call. I will have been out about a year by then!Haha was that the video with Janie and Riley as well? I don't know if I remember that one... unless it was the one where we were acting really gay. I just remembered a really good thing said by Elder Bednar at the conference when he addressed all of us missionaries. Someone asked him why there were no longer any really bold prophecies in today's world, but in the 1800's there were a ton. He went on to prophecy that there will be 100's of millions of saints. He then talked about the family proclomation to the world. Back in 1995, no one would have thought that a proclomation of that nature was neccessary. But now, when if you don't believe in gay rights you are a bigot, anyone could see how inspired that document really was. Thanks for the great email, as always, make sure to always keep me posted on what is going on in your guys' life. Love Elder Steed

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