Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 15, 2012

I know you guys don't like in HP anymore, and I'm not even in the country, but I am still mad that they are not allowing skating on the pond. Why would they do that? It just seems stupid. But I guess that does make leaving HP a little bit easier.

Bourque for Cammellari!! No way! I did love Bourque, but I'm just remembering the glory days of Iggy and Cammellari... hopefully they can find some chemistry again. What is the first line? Iggy, Mike and Tanguay? Or Iggy, Jokinen, Mike? I'm pretty sure he can play either center or winger. Hopefully this can turn around the flames season so far. How are the Kings doing under Sutter? Probably amazing.

I don't know how much the rafts would cost, but if it is reasonable I would say buy them. That seriously sounds like the greatest trip ever. I get back like July 1 next year, so we would have all summer to do something like that. I would love to do that when I get home. Although the horses thing might be a problem.

Ya alyssa hasn't wrote to me in a while. Thanks. And I'm glad Riley is liking SAIT. I would be horrible at that kind of program he is in, but remembering his earlier days I'm sure he will do great with that. And he has mono? Haha does amanda have mono as well then? I'm glad Jack has some friends, and I can't really picture Noah getting slimmer. Sounds weird. You should send a photo... and did you see how skinny Payton Charleton looked in their Christmas card? He is staring to slim as well. No mom didn't mention the scholarship. What did I win it for? And ya the thing is, I might be getting kicked out of the UofC anyways and would have to reapply. I remember you are allowed a 2 year unexplained leave of absence, but anything more than that and you have to reapply. So I'm not sure if it means I will be okay, I remember thinking that I was coming back one semester too late, but I'm not really sure. I will definitly be thinking a lot about what school I want to go to. That is, if I even go back to school. Dec 2012 could very well be the end of the world, so maybe I won' t be going back.

I think that even if nothing big (like a natural disaster or nuclear war happens) the hype over 2012 is so big that people will go crazy. THey will pull all their money out of banks, go underground, commit suicide, etc. And I think this will cause widespread chaos and destroy the world economy. And then I'll have to catch a boat back to Canada. I'm not being funny either. So I am probably going to assemble a 72 hour bag here. Get some survival gear and food, like the stuff you just add water to. And probably a knife, a flint and steel, one of those water purifiers that you pump (like the one you have) and some other stuff I think might come in handy. Is that alright with you if I buy a bunch of stuff like that?

Haha I can totally imagine what you will think about all this. Trust me, better safe than sorry. I have also decided not to put all my savings into precious metals, because of the inflated cost of gold and silver at the moment.

Anyways, hopefully Mom starts to feel better soon. I will let you guys know about transfer date asap.

Love Elder Steed

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