Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 15, 2012

Yes, transfer day is wednesday. There are many wild guesses and speculations flying around. There are 3 new zones opening up, new districts being formed, a big group of missionaries coming in that need to be trained, and lots of the missionaries are starting to near the end of their missions. Like in 3 transfers, a group of 30 something missionaries goes home, and that is like a fifth of the mission. So I am sure there will be many changes in the mission. But, even with all that, I think I will stay here in Helston for one more move. I bet Oscarson goes off to train or be a zone leader or something, but I don't know if I'm ready to leave Helston yet. Well it doesn't really matter if I'm ready or not I guess, but I just feel like I got 6 more weeks in me. Total guess though, I'll find out tommorow and probably email again Wednesday.

That looks like a nice photo. Although I feel like I am making a very weird pose in it. And dad looks really skinny in that photo. Like skinnier than Riley even.

I love 17 Miracles! We have borrowed it twice now off of different people and we have watched it quite a few times. We had like a ward movie night where we watched it as well. It is kind of depressing at times, but really a great movie. We quote it all the time. Like, 'But Chester, it is for certain,' or 'I believe fear and dire circumstances bring out the worst in human beings.'

It has got freezing here as well. I am constantly cold now when we go outside. It is impossible to defend against the chill here. I need to buy some gloves probably. Going to the drop in center will be great. That is always one of my best memories of Christmas/FHE even though I didn't really like going at the time.

That is too bad to hear your health has been so bad lately... maybe you should get it checked out to make sure it isn't something more serious? But that is amazing Riley was able to help with the blessing. He will have to get used to giving out many blessings on his mission.

This has been a good week for us. Chris Thomas has still been smoke free. It is seriously a miracle. After like 30 years of 50 a day, he just quit cold turkey. Today is day 9, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He is getting baptized on Jan. 29! After all this time, he is finally able to get baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost. I am so happy for him.

Alright, crazy story. We were knocking doors and this one guy answered and said come back in a few days. We did, and he let us in and we had a good chat for like 45 mintues. Not about the gospel though. This guy is in his 50's probably, but is just like a firecracker. He is a short guy, but is always just bouncing off the walls. He is always talking really fast and going off on crazy tangents and stuff. His wife was really nice too, but it was hard for any of us to get a word in. Really nice guy. Right as we were leaving, he asked what I thought of the food here, and I mentioned I really liked the roast potatoes here as we don't have them back home. He was like 'Hey! My wife makes great roast potatoes, why don't you guys come over Sunday for dinner?' We obviously said yes, but it was crazy that this guy just invited two random/stranger religious people over to his house for dinner. So we went there yesterday and had the greatest meal I have had in this country. They are pretty posh, and his wife was an amazing cook, and made a ton of food, and it was all homeade, even the yorkshire puddings and the gravy, and the lemon merugine pie afterwards. They had like classical music playing in the background, there were candles floating in water on the table, they had like 5 different utensils, they had a sitting room, and dining room, and a living room we went it for different parts of the night. It was awesome. But they weren't like stuck up or anything, just really nice. The problem was, we got there are like 4, and then they started to prepare the whole meal and didn't want our hellp with anything. So we ended up talking while they made the meal, then eating, then sharing a message about the BoM afterwards, except everytime we said a sentence, he would respond to it by going off on like a 10 minute story about something it reminded him off, then bringing it all back at the end. So we were there for like 4.5 hours. I don't think there is anything we could have done though. We are going back next monday for dinner again. We told them we are watching the restoration dvd after dinner though, so we will see how it goes. We then had to go to see Paul Morris, as he leaves to Birmingham tommorow to start his new job, and if one of us moves we won't be able to see him again. We got there pretty late, so Oscarson had to account with the district, but I just chatted with them for a while. He is one of my best friends here, and if I have to leave I will really miss him.

We have been teaching Naomi still, and Fiskani. We had a great teach about the POS with Naomi, and are really excited that she is really interested and sinceire. And then we are going over this morning to help Fiskani pack/move, as she is moving into a new flat and divorcing with her husband. We watched the 20 min restoration DVD, and she said she believed it was true. Also, there is a little tree with two leaves on it right at the start, and she felt like that was a sign from God that there is still life in her even though she is feeling very low. I guess a few years ago when she was really struggling she saw a little tree exactly like that growing and green in her otherwise dead garden. It is cool how God speaks to us sometimes. She said she feels like she needs to get away from her old church, and that she really needs something to lean on and find strength in right now. I'm really hoping that she will get baptized.

We had some big changes in the ward here yesterday. The EQP and the High Priest group leader were both released, and new ones were called. Ken had a really rough night at work and didn't make it to church. He really needs to get his act together and get to church even when he is tired. I'm probably gonna have to tell him that today. Obviously there are some situations where you can't make it to church due to work, but we had just taught him about the priesthood on saturday, a really good lesson, and he was going to get interviewed by the Bishop for it yesterday but didn't turn up. I'm not to worried though, they are both still really solid and Ken is looking for a new job.

Hope you feel better soon, you guys are always in my prayers,

Love Elder Steed

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