Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 1, 2012

How did blue birds get into the fireplace? Did they fly down the chimney? Dumb birds.
Ya brad is way too early of a riser. He probably wakes up earlier than I do. I don't think I will ever have a job where I have to wake up before 7 on a regular basis. Me and Elder Oscarson have started waking up at 615 and going on runs in the morning. We went on a run on wednesday, and then had an exchange on thursday. On the exchange, my alarm went of at 615 and they were really annoyed and shut it off. Then on friday I was back in Helston and we were planning on going on a run at 615 again, so I figured I wouldn't have to mess with my alarm. Turns out that they hadn't turned the alarm back on. Elder Oscarson woke me up at 745. It was totally accidental, so I didn't really feel that bad about it, but it did feel really nice to get that much of a lie in.

Okay, I know a lot of keener missionaries, but no one chose to not call their family. That is crazy. He must have been out of control.

Ya I always miss you guys, but I don't feel more homesick because of the call. I just thought it was nice to get to talk with you all. I am getting back into the swing of things as the holidays come to an end.

That's rough Riley had to do an impromptu talk. I had to do one yesterday in church actually. Oh man, that just reminded me. Dad is going to love this one. The bishop's dad died yesterday, so he didn't make it to church. However, he was one of the planned speakers, so when he didn't show up, the second counselor asked me and Oscarsauce to fill the time. Alright Dad, do you remember 'A single, drop, of blood?' The vietnam war (which the UK was not involved in) and the pit with the spikes covered in feces? The story that Ashton told in Fiji in sacrament meeting that we were just cracking up over? Ya, I told that exact same story yesterday in church. It was awesome! I then went on to talk about the atonement and read a bunch of scriptures and stuff. I think it caught everyone's attention though. People were probably really sick of hearing from me yesterday, as I did the sacrament prayer, the confirmation, and a talk.

But ya, what I was saying. I'm really impressed Riley was able to give a talk on such short notice. He is way more prepared to be a missionary than I ever was. Hopefully he isn't grumpy as often though.

Hardcore BoM study? That sounds like a really good plan. My new year's resolution is to drop from 150 pounds to 140. I am doing this by drinking 1.5 litres of water a day and by running three mornings a week.

I can't really think of anything else that cool this week. We picked up a former investigator, and her husband, they are both young 20's and we are starting to teach them again. Elder Casey, the greenie who has been out for like 3 weeks now, decided to go home. He has depression I guess, and President gave him permission to leave honorably. At the last minute he changed his mind and he is now staying. He has announced that he was leaving to his whole ward and to all of us, so It was probably pretty awkward at church yesterday. Him and his trainer, Atwal, are really struggling together. We are doing like 1-2 exchanges with them a week so they don't kill each other.

I can't belive Brooks left on his mission today.

Things are good here. We are going to have a great p day with Ken and Toni and the district here.

Love Elder Steed

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