Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 28, 2011

Thanks as always for the updates. Sounds like you guys are
having way too much fun. Why didn't we do that kind of stuff when I was at home?

Keep praying for those missionary opportunities, and listen
for answers. I have seen the joy it brings to members here who have had a
rough week, then they come out with us for a few hours and it just totally
brightens their day and their week. Our family has been extremely blessed and
we need to make sure to do everything we can to help those around us who are
struggling. God loves them just as much as us, but he cant always come in
and fix their lives personally. Sometimes we need to step in and be the
answers to their prayers. I remember a few times when you have been the
answer to different peoples prayers, and those are amazing stories.

Im glad to hear you are keeping everyone
excercising. I am glad I dont have a scale in the flat, because i am getting a
bit chubby already.

I think when I get back I am going to have to try to become
a little bit better friends with Hayden. I could use an interior decorator for
my house when I get home. If I were Riley I would be pretty excited as well.
Its good he has some good friends going down there with him.

And ya we have a really nice house. Its really messy actually right now. And
our oven broke. We are going back to clean it up really good though with the
rest of our p-day. Actually first I am trying to teach Elder Simmons how to
play the piano. He has never played before, so he really has no idea what he is
doing. Also, we have ping pong tables and a pool table here in the church so we
will probably play some of that today.

Im so excited for that care package!! Elder Bednar is giving
a talk this saturday in Redding for the missionaries, so we are driving up
closer to the Temple so hopefully if the package arrives before that someone
will bring it to me. Im also really excited for his talk. Ive been reading some
of his past talks all week in personal study. He is by far my favorite apostle,
and I cant wait to hear him speak in person. Every missionary in the mission
will be attending also, so I will get to see a bunch of my friends from the

I really like what you said about the
opposition/discouragement. Last week was a tough week, but this week was a
great week. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! Josh and Stephaine (the
Norweigan lady I told you about) and then Chris Thomas (the smoker) and also
some other lady who i had never met but one of the members brought her. We
taught a great gospel principles lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
Josh had some amazing insights into baptism. We also found a new investigator
knocking doors this week who we are going to teach on wednesday morning. She is
in the navy and has a little daughter, but thats about all we know about her.
She seemed really interested and invited us back though. We also got a few more
chances to serve ward members this week, and I am really feeling like I am
starting to gain the trust of more members here. Hopefully this will lead to
them allowing us to meet with their friends. I am sick whenever I think about
September 14 (transfer date) and the chance that I might be leaving this area.
I need to stay here until like at least Christmas.

We also did exchanges this week. Because Elder Simmons is
district leader, I exchanged with Elders from both the other areas of our
district. It was really interesting serving with other missionaries, to see
what they did differently than my trainer and what they did the same. I stayed
in Helston for both the exchanges. For one of them, I was with another guy in
my MTC group Elder Evans, so we were both greenies but we did the best we
could. I couldn't believe Elder Simmons stuck us together. He says he was
directed by the spirit, but Elder Evans' companion, Elder Palmer, is a really
good friend of his so I have my suspicions that he just wanted to serve with
him for a day. Regardless, the exchanges were really useful and helped build my
confidence as a missionary, something that I often find I am lacking here. The
only downside is two of our investigators, Daisy and Dellah, called and dropped
us. We had an appointment to see them on wednesday night but they called and
said they would rather not meet with us anymore. I was crushed because they
seemed to interested, and Dellah even said a closing prayer, but im sure things
like that will happen a lot out here.

Thanks for everything,

Love Elder Steed

p.s. I don't usually do p.s.'s, but if I have time I am
going to attach some photos of the safety vest/flashlight prank.

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