Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sept 30, 2012

Hey mom,
If you want to send me the same thing you send Riley that is fine. I have attached some photos. I will try to send 5 or 6 every week. I have just filled up my second memory card. I have 12 gigs of video and photos. I will buy another 8 gig and hope it lasts me until the end.
You guys are going to get snow! I'm jealous. It is getting really cold here. And starting to rain most days. Winter is coming but it is a totally different winter. I have finished my last English summer.
That is great to hear about Landon and Lindsey going through the temple. What did Lindsey think about it?
This has been a good week. We have met a lot of the ward and we have some good less-active work we are doing. We also found one family that is pretty solid. She is a gypsy but really nice, and he is a 70 year old guy who grew up in really high class english society but lost everything to gambling and now somehow they are together. He said he wants to be baptized. They came to church yesterday, the ward was really good with them. A lady who bore her testimony even mentioned how happy she was to have them there. We had like at least 10 people bear testimonies who I think must be slightly special. So the investigators names are Alice and Keith. We tried to commit them to work towards a baptism date saturday night. Keith immediately accepted. Alice said she doesn't feel ready yet. Keith then proceeded to do one of the most bold examples of resolving concerns I've ever seen. He just went crazy and tried to commit her to be baptized as well, she kept saying no and it got really heated and awkward so we said we had to go and we will try again next time. Pretty funny.
We also knocked on the door of this indian lady. She let us in in like 5 seconds. Her and her husband are hindu, but really cool and they said they felt the spirit and we are going sometime next week and I am making them grilled cheese sandwhiches. I forget how we got to that agreement, but they ended up feeding us awesome curry and I said I would make them grilled cheeses and they seemed really excited about that.
We have got a few people to work with this week. We had those 2 investigators at church and there have been no investigators at church here in like over 3 months. So I am hoping this area might be getting some life. I always remember that the Lord puts people in areas because it is where they need to be for a reason. And any success that we have doesn't come as a result of our efforts but it is done because of the Lord and his timing. I think I came to this area at a time where the members are just ready to help and God has definitely put people into our path.
Having a car is awesome as well. I am losing all my strength though. Luckily I have a Russian to fight with. Actually the two other guys in our flat kind of hate each other. I don't think they are speaking right now. So it can be a bit weird at times. But it is still really fun. We are having a zone p-day and playing some bball and football and stuff in the chapel. So I am excited to finally have a good pday.
Hopefully you have another great week, send me Riley's stuff,
Love Elder Steed

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